Enclomiphene Citrate For Testosterone


Enclomiphene is used to treat hypogonadism. This condition occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone. It’s a selective hormone receptor modulator, which means it blocks estrogen by binding to receptors on certain tissues.

Enclomiphene is used to boost testosterone levels among men who have hypogonadism. It stimulates luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones (FSH) which then stimulate the testes into producing more testosterone.

Enclomiphene citrate is superior to other testosterone replacement therapy because it does not suppress your body’s natural production of testosterone. When the treatment is stopped, your body should be able produce testosterone again on its own.

Enclomiphene is usually taken twice or once daily, orally. The dosage depends on many factors including age, weight and general health.

Enclomiphene can have side effects like any other medication. These include hot flashes and headaches. These side effects are mild and usually go away after a few days.

Enclomiphene can be a good treatment for hypogonadism in men. Discussing the benefits and risks of enclomiphene citrate with your healthcare provider is essential to determining if this is the best option for you.

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