Common Myths About Addiction


One of the main obstacles related to addiction treatment is the issue of denial. In many situations, an attempt to address abuse behavior is often met with hostility because the addict doesn’t believe they need help, or they don’t want help. This attitude of denial is encouraged by several factors.

Society as a whole view’s addiction as some type of moral failure. The addict who is confronted about their problem often feels threatened. How would they act if they did not have access to their drug or drink of choice? How would they be able to handle their life? All of this is considered a threat against the person’s ability to survive.

It is important to understand that it usually isn’t possible to ask someone if they have a problem with drugs or alcohol and receive a straight answer. In most cases, a person is going to have to do a bit of detective work to figure out if addiction intervention from a professional service, like Arc Rehab Portsmouth, is needed. Getting to know some of the most common myths related to addiction can be found here. Keep reading to learn more.

Overcoming Addiction is All About Willpower

Many people believe that an addict can stop using their substance of choice if they really want to. Any type of prolonged exposure to substances may alter a person’s brain in a way that can cause a compulsion to use and powerful cravings. Changes in the brain make it difficult to quit by willpower alone.

Since Addiction is a Disease There Isn’t Anything That Can be Done

The majority of experts in the field agree that cases of addiction are due to a disease. It is one that affects the brain. However, that doesn’t mean that addicts are helpless victims.

The brain changes that are associated with addiction are able to be treated and then reversed using exercise, mediation, therapy, and other types of treatments. It’s important to get help from the professionals because this can be a rocky road and the path to success can be challenging.

Addicts Must Hit Rock Bottom Before They Can Recover

A person can begin recovering at any point in their addiction. The earlier this is started, the better. The longer that a person continues to abuse drugs and alcohol, the stronger that the addiction will become and the harder it will be to treat. It is important not to wait to take addiction when a loved one or friend is suffering from an addiction, there’s no need to wait until they have lost everything to get them help.

It’s Not Possible to Force Someone to Seek Treatment

Treatment isn’t something that has to be voluntary to be effective. When someone is pressured into getting treatment are going to benefit just as much as those who seek treatment on their own.

When someone suffers from addiction, there are more than a few factors to consider. However, seeking treatment as early as possible is a must to ensure that the individual recovers from the addiction they suffer from.