Common Billing Mistakes and How It Affects Patients


Billing errors in the medical field are alarmingly common. Because of this, employees and patients are paying the price of medical bill blunders. Due to the complexities of a medical coding system and human error, it’s not surprising that such mistakes can happen.

In an NBC News report back in 2017, they disclosed an error rate close to 7-75 percent in medical claims. It’s most likely that you also experienced billing mistakes but just overlooked them. In addition to further hospital costs you have to pay, you can also experience delayed payments, client complaints, denials, and even lost productivity. Therefore, it’s best to be aware of the common billing mistakes in face-to-face medicare and screen-to-screen telemedicine in Lake Worth, FL.

Failure to Verify Insurance

Make sure that you validate the medical insurance of patients every visit. Healthcare workers may assume that the insurance is fine without having routine checks but soon after, patients obtain a dizzying array of fees. This overlooking issue is one of the top reasons why claims are denied.

Typographical Errors

The patients’ record is the most critical document that billing employees take care of. A single mistake in data like missing or incorrect names of the patients, addresses, birth dates, sex, insurance information, and dates of treatment can birth problems. This error is the product of artificial failure and can easily be prevented by double or even triple-checking.

Consumer protection is critical, and even tiny mistakes can devastate consumers financially. As a health worker, you must work with payors and patients to improve medical bill accuracy, especially for those who need urgent care in Delray Beach, FL.

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