Cleopatra™ – An Advanced Fractional Bio-Infusion System


Are you the one who obsess for a flawless skin? Are you frustrated to pick a right product from the bunch of popular beauty brands available in the market? Don’t butt your head. We, Dansys Group, is here to help you with a solution. The treatment furnished by our brand Cleopatra™ – an advanced fractional bio-infusion system will provide immediate and long-lasting results for all skin types.

We all know that the world is evolving rapidly. No matter where we live, the climatic conditions of varying degrees and air pollution posea serious hazard to your skin’s health. Many researchers have proved that air pollution is as bad for the skin as unprotected exposure to hot sun. Few of the effects of airborne pollutants are brown spots, dull skin tone, aging of the skin (wrinkles), acne problem, itchy dry skin, and many more.

Not only pollution affects your skin health, but also your food habits play a significant role. Mostly, dermatologists suggestthat taking healthy green vegetables and fruits helps to get a flawless skin. But in this busy world, people either find it difficult or lazy to prepare healthy food for their diet, or they have to rely on fast foods which they crave for it as well. Hence, their food habits lead to a major effect on their skin.

Finally, they are in search of a quick and easy solution to get a flawless skin. Some people spend lots of time and energy to get their skin lively by trying natural remedies to get rid of their skin problems. Some people who don’t have much timewill blindly rely on branded beauty products.

Utilizing these behaviors’, many beauty brands have launched skincare products that promise to protect your skin against damage. But choosing the right product needs some trials and lots of testing to finalize the perfect product that suits well.

If you are a person who spends huge bucks and more hours searching for popular skincare products, yet, your skin still didn’t get the glow,then, probably you are doing it all wrong. And, it’s time to switch for the therapy of Cleopatra™ – an advanced fractional bio-infusion system.

What is Cleopatra™?

Cleopatra™ – an advanced fractional bio-infusion system is the latest advancement in skin rejuvenation. Cleopatra™ offers skin treatment using closed-circuit vacuum-assisted pressure coupled with state of the art proprietary treatment. It helps in creating the first bio-stimulation transdermal delivery system.

Cleopatra™infuses the advanced bio-active serum deep into the skin,which helps to provide unrivaled results in the treatment of skin. The bio-active serum infusion of Cleopatra™ consists of a combination of Exfoliation, Evacuation, Micro-channeling, Deep Dermal Infusion, and Cellular Regeneration.

Need for the Cleopatra™ treatment:

Exfoliation is a method of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using a chemical, granular substance, or exfoliation tool. It provides you a clear and even skin tonecleaning all the impurities.

Evacuation is otherwise called as skin peeling. This process is carried out by piercing the skin into small pieces and sucked out using a syringe. The process is repeated until the skin exhibits a satisfied look-and-feel.

Micro-channeling and Deep Dermal Infusion will stimulate the skin repair process by building your collagen and elastin to firm skin. This helps in the reductionof fine lines and wrinkles and reducethe pore size.

Cellular Regeneration considerably improves acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation, and aging skin.

All these processes are carried out in a single therapy, which means it is also a  time-saving one. The therapy is designed to treat all skin types and also provides unprecedented results.

We have a combination of three effective synergistic technologies in one system, and they are CleoAbrasor™, CleoFrac™, and RED, GREEN, and BLUE LED lights.

Benefits of three effective synergistic technologies are:


This technology has a unique square head design with an abrasive strip which is used for controlled exfoliation and evacuation. This technique performs controlled exfoliation and clearing with a simultaneous infusion into the skin.


ClearFracTM is a unique fractional bio-infusion start with varying needles that stimulates active microchannel under closed-circuit vacuum. It improves the dermal infusion of active serums for superior aesthetic results.

RED, GREEN, and BLUE LED light:

LED lights help to create a flawless skin and a firm complexion. It minimizes redness in the skin and reduces prolonged inflammation. These RED, GREEN, and BLUE LED lights are allowed into the skin immediately post exfoliation and fractional bio-infusion that provides skin tightening. It yields an extra boost for your skin, supplying a perfect skin.

The bio-active infusion used by our Cleopatra™ – an advanced fractional bio-infusion system is of four types, and they are:

  • ClearSkin – AcneProneSkin
  • HexBrite – PigmentDisorders
  • PrevenOx-C – PowerfulAnti-Oxidant
  • HydraBoost – Deep Hydration

Benefits of using these bio-active infusions are:

ClearSkin – AcneProneSkin:

This bio-active infusion supplies nourishment, breakout-acne prone and a sensitive skin. It helps to restore skin textures and enhances radiance. It helps in stimulating cellular renovationand controls keratogenesisas well ashealsscar formation.

HexBrite – PigmentDisorders:

This is another bio-active infusion that helps to minimize the melanin formation processwhich results in skin brightening. It helps in reducing the appearance of age spotswhile it also helps in inhibiting tyrosinase and stimulates cellular renovation as well.

PrevenOx-C – PowerfulAnti-Oxidant:

This serum is used to increase collagen and elastin. It has powerful antioxidant properties that helps in improving the skin texture. It is the most quintessential serum used in the treatment to reduce inflammation and to diminish redness. It also eliminates the sign of fatigue and provides necessary hydration to the skin.

HydraBoost – Deep Hydration:

This serum supplies ultra-hydration and nourishment to the skin. It helps to stimulate the process of involucrin and filaggrin. It supplies hyaluronic acid to the skinwhich helps to improve the collagen and provides long-lasting hydration.

Reason to choose Dansys Group:

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We have professional medical experts to help people get satisfying treatment. The medical equipment rendered by Dansys Group aims to deliver exceptional results that people expect and aspire for. We not only provide efficient and reliable medications but, we are also flexible for the latest life-changing technologies while ensuring unprecedented results.

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