Breast Implant Exchange – What Is It And Why Do You Need It?


Breast augmentation is a remarkable procedure that helps women across the globe improve their self-esteem and live a happier life. But like most aesthetic enhancement procedures, after a while, you may encounter slight medical problems, or you may be unhappy with their appearance. At this time, your doctor will recommend a breast implant exchange. With this simple yet necessary surgery, you can turn back time and bring out the youth in you. Are breast implants safe? Yes, but it is important to get all the facts as well.

What is it?

Breast implant revision or exchange is the procedure by which your existing breast implants are either removed or replaced. Unless there is some previously existing trauma that was not addressed, the hour-long procedure is relatively simple and painless. The surgery is commonly done to correct inconveniences from your breast augmentation surgery. But it can also be done due to personal preferences or medical complications that may arise due to factors such as hormonal changes and aging. Whatever the reason may be, the goal is to improve the breast’s appearance and make you feel comfortable in your skin.

Why do You Need a Breast Implant Exchange?

There are numerous reasons a breast implant exchange is necessary for you. It can be to change the appearance of your previous breast implant, or it can be to counteract medical complications. Listed below are some of the most common reasons why you may need the surgery.

Poor Implant Position

The pockets that are created for the implants have to be in the perfect position to avoid irregular breast positioning. Occasionally, the implant pockets are either too far or too close together. To fix this issue, the doctor will make surgical adjustments to the existing implant pockets and fix the implants in position with surgical suture.

Exchanging Saline Implants for Silicone Implants

Predominantly, saline implants look and feel less natural than their silicone counterparts. Moreover, saline implants lead to an undesirable effect known as implant rippling. This causes an unnatural look and visible edges around the breasts. The FDA approved silicone implants do not have this problem; however, they are still susceptible to regular wear and tear.

Deciding to Change Breast Size or Remove Implants

If you are unhappy with the size of your original breast implants, you will need a breast implant exchange to replace them. For a larger size, the surgeon will create more space to accommodate the large implant. On the other hand, if you require a smaller size implant or implant removal, you will also need to get a breast lift to improve the breast’s appearance.

Repositioning of Nipple and Areola

To retain sensitivity and breastfeeding ability, the nipple and the areola region may need to be lifted and repositioned. This will require additional incisions during implant exchange surgery, followed by excess skin removal for tightening and lifting.

Whatever the condition may be, the doctors always strive to deliver the best possible result as well as make your experience painless and comfortable. Before you go through with the breast implant exchange procedure, keep in mind that you need to adhere to certain conditions. The first condition is to bring all your information from any previous surgeries to avoid unnecessary complications. Another key thing to remember is to stay healthy and avoid smoking to remain fit for surgery. Finally, remember to have a positive frame of mind and watch the wonders the procedure does to your confidence.