A Guide to Resuming Normal Operations Post-Covid 19



Its been months since the lockdown over Coronavirus started. Most economies have suffered and risk plummeting due to the stalled operations. Even though most of the governments, health practitioners, and international health agencies are doing everything to contain the virus, no breakthrough is available yet.

The only possible course of action at the moment is to find a way to resume normal operations. Already, some of the world sports actions like the German football league is back. The other major leagues, like the English premier league and the Spanish LA Liga, also have plans on resumption. Countries like Japan have also lifted the state of emergency.

Here is the guideline on a safer normal operations resumption;

Follow the Government Guidelines

The government is the primary entity in the control of the Coronavirus. It is the government that determines whether you can resume normal operations or not. Before you start any business, ensure you are following the government directives. The government also determines the kind of interactions you have, and if there are particular interactions.

The governments of several countries have been providing regular updates on the state of the virus. Follow those updates.

Keep Taking Precautions 

The Covid-19 has seen some of the most aggressive hygienic programs never seen before in the world. Almost the whole world population is sanitizing, washing hands regularly and staying home. 

The economic space opening does not imply a stop to such precautions. You have to keep on wearing the Covid-19 N95 Face masks, keep social distance, and follow other government regulations.

Failure to follow these regulations makes you highly susceptible to reinfections. Keep on treating everyone like a possible carrier of the virus. 

Use Reliable Sources for Information

Fake news is one of the hardest challenges during the Covid-19. The widespread access to social media allows anyone to publish any information, even from questionable sources. The free speech allows anyone to come up with speculations and theories then pass it as truth. Stay careful of your sources of information about the virus.

Even though social media sites are trying to manage fake news by blocking some, it is quite a long way to go. Some of the places to rely on information are official government websites, international health agencies like the World Health Organization, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Understand there is a possibility of another lockdown

The main reason why countries are opening up is due to the possibility of the virus staying around for longer. Extending the lockdown further leads to more damage to the economy. Given that there is no clean bill of health, there is always the possibility of cases rising again, leading to another lockdown.

For example, after declaring Wuhan Coronavirus-free, China has had to retest the whole city due to a spike in New infections.

Bottom Line

The effects of Coronavirus on the world is massive and irreversible. The world population must rethink several things like hygiene, the need for offices, and other intimate human interactions. Use these tips to guide you as the world ease up from the virus.