5 Things to consider as you work from home 


The global pandemic has completely modified the life as we knew it. Not only there has been a change in our perspective about life, with its fickleness becoming more apparent now, but our lifestyle habits have also been reformed. 

The most profound impact perhaps has been on the work life. Internet has become the new workspace. Offices have either become completely obsolete or are being used alternatively. Thus, work from home has now become the ‘norm’ for most of the us. 

There are pros and cons of working from the vicinity of the home. Whereas many people would be grateful for the lack of commute and its hassle but working from home is not as convenient as it may seem. 

Not everyone has the luxury of a home office, and no comfortable desk spot from which they can operate from. This lack of proper space leads to posture issues, and the subsequent aches that ensue then have people running for the Chiropractor in Lahore

Moreover, some people are also expected to do the house chores; just because they are home, they are perceived to be available for home as well, never mind the fact that they are actively working.

Getting the space for office can be hard as well; with everyone barging in, video calls can become challenging and well, awkward as well. 

Therefore, it is important that you have a proper plan for making your work from home. Helpful tips to incorporate include:

1 Have your workplace 

To feel like you are working, and not meandering around in your lounge, it is vital to have your workspace. This will not only be good for compartmentalizing your physical space in terms of workplace and home, but also be good for helping you get into the mindset of working. 

It is also pertinent to have work territory especially when your work paraphernalia is aplenty, and you do not want to lose things, or be at constant struggle of lugging things around different places in the house. 

For people who have to make plenty of audio and video calls, it is highly suggested that you have good internet connection, and a formal background. Noise also needs to be moderated; no one wants others to know embarrassing tales around their house, or to appear unprofessional when their colleagues can barely hear them. 

So, either designate a separate room around the house as your office space or set up a station in your room, or in a secluded part of the house. Also consider facets like wi-fi strength, storage space, working room when setting aside a corner for as ‘office’. 

2 Keep to your schedule 

It can be hard to have a proper schedule once you know you do not have the constraints of clocking in. Home also may not feel like an office per se, so you do not mind wasting time here and there, no colleagues tsking over your choice to watch cat videos instead of working. 

This lax attitude can come far too easily and can be disastrous for work ethic. Thus, make sure to enforce some discipline for yourself. Set up daily goals, make a work routine, and follow it like you would in a professional setting. If you can plan your week ahead, that would make it even better!

3 Be proficient 

Staying proficient can be harder than you think when working from home. It may be more tempting to sleep in for later, and distractions can be a plenty as well. But it is important that you prioritize proficiency. 

One way forward is by using a planner and sticking to it. Moreover, taking frequent breaks is also effective for increasing productivity. So, after working for an hour, take 20 minutes off. You can stretch, read, meditate, anything to give your brain a break. 

Also, make sure that your desk is organized, so that you do not waste time finding things. 

4 Set boundaries 

It is pertinent that you get in the work mode. Your family may expect you to do the chores, you yourself might start helping around the house. But if you continue with the lack of boundaries, your work will then get affected. It will take longer for you to complete the tasks, making work more of a chore than it already is. 

Similarly, you also need to designate a work and home time, as otherwise, your leisure time can also become all about working. This can also give you the impression that you are working all the time, which can be exhausting as well. 

5 Pay heed to your comfort

When you are sitting at your desk all day, you need to pay heed to your physical comfort as well. Sitting for long hours at a time can be cumbersome, and at times, very discomforting as well. 

So, make sure that your posture during work time is correct, as otherwise, it can lead to tension in the muscles and even pains around the body. 

Your furniture should be ergonomic. When you sit, be sure that your screen is place in the line of your sight, so that you do not have to hunch over your laptop. As you are likely to spend most of the time in the chair, invest in a good chair that works around your posture. 

Furthermore, make sure to do some stretches so that your body gets to move. Walk around a bit, if possible. Move your neck in circles, and side to side. Ask your Chiropractor in Islamabad for more stretches and exercises that you can do at your desk to improve your comfort levels, as your work from home.