5 Stages of Substance Abuse Treatment In An Individual

5 Stages of Substance Abuse Treatment In An Individual

Every individual is unique in many forms, and it is the same case when it comes to addiction. People handle substance abuse differently, as it is a complex disorder, affecting each individual differently. The treatment for substance abuse is based on various factors such as duration of addiction, type of drug use, age, personal life information, family history, medical history, etc. However, if you are not aware of the treatment stage, here are the five stages of substance abuse.

  1. Awareness Stage

It is one of the first stages of the treatment process. In this stage, the addict gets aware of their problem, accepts their situation, and considers getting some help. This stage is generally triggered by a series of events or some emotionally touching moment that makes them contemplate the situation from a different perspective. It can be a highly emotional stage for the addict.

  1. Consideration Stage

It is one of the essential stages of treatment for substance abuse where the addict considers the drug use problem. It includes the thinking process where the individual does not take direct steps but considers their suffering. It allows them to realize the situation and look for opportunities for treatment.

  1. Exposure To The Recovery Stage

Once the addict learns about their addiction, they spend more time learning about the situation to figure out what is best. It can happen in various ways, such as interacting with friends, colleagues, etc. This stage moves the addict from desiring recovery to starting it. It is the stage where the addict reaches out for treatment for the first time.

  1. Pre-Recovery Stage

The pre-recovery stage is the first stage of recovery where the addict starts experiencing changes in their body and lifestyle. This stage includes body detoxification recommended by the professional. However, when the addict sees changes, it can be a painful experience for them, but it is a good sign that they fight it off and stand strong. Professionals suggest some healthier approaches such as meditation, yoga, exercises, etc.

  1. Final Recovery Stage And Maintenance

Addiction is also called a chronic brain disease, and some think there is no way to cure it. However, even if you have recovered, there is a maximum chance of returning if you do not apply healthy approaches. It is the final stage of recovery where the addict is finally adopting positive changes and recovering thoroughly. When addicts leave the rehab center, they get a proper diet plan made by the experts and are suggested anytime they are at the urge and facing the same problem again.