4 Tips to Cope With The Effects of Radiation Treatment


There are risks and side effects associated with radiation therapy, as there are with other forms of cancer treatment. Malnutrition, exhaustion, and skin irritation are common complaints among patients, and many aren’t sure how to handle them.

Radiation therapy can have unpleasant side effects, but there are steps you can take to minimise these and keep your mental well-being intact. Here are some tips from a radiation oncologist in Singapore.

1. Commit to a regular exercise routine.

As long as the patient is willing and able, exercising while receiving radiation therapy can help alleviate fatigue, mood disorders, and stress management issues. So during your lung cancer radiation treatment, be sure to incorporate a bare minimum of exercise.

2. Stay well-rested while undergoing radiation treatments.

Patients diagnosed with cancer often find it difficult to sleep, while those who have completed breast cancer treatment in Singapore begin to feel fatigued. Lack of sleep and exhaustion can harm your mood and make it challenging to deal with the stress of cancer treatment.

However, simple strategies, such as a nighttime ritual, writing down your worries, and avoiding naps, can help you cope with insomnia while undergoing treatment for the condition. Talking to your radiation oncologist in Singapore about tiredness and insomnia is essential because they frequently go undiagnosed.

3. Take a balanced eating plan.

Many cancer patients suffer from malnutrition as a result of treatment-induced nausea or a lack of nutrients. You must maintain a healthy weight while undergoing lung cancer radiation treatment to avoid malnutrition and nausea, even if you have to change your diet to avoid these side effects. When starting a weight-loss plan, remember that radiation therapy is not the time.

4. Get the support you need.

As a result of your cancer diagnosis and treatment, you may feel anxious, depressed, afraid, or just plain hopeless. Friends, family members, a chaplain or other spiritual leader; nurses; social work counsellors; and psychologists may be able to help.

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