3 Occupations That Have Higher Risk Of Vein Problems


Varicose veins can be a significant concern for many, especially adults. Vein problems are more than just aesthetic issues since they can result in tissue and skin problems. While vein clinics and sclerotherapy in Singapore are available for all patients, learning how to prevent it in the first place is better than getting treatment.

For many, prevention can be a hard-long challenge, especially if your job is putting you at risk. Prolonged standing or sitting is one of the most common risk factors associated. After all, treating varicose veins in Singapore can be quite costly. Without further ado, here are some of the jobs that put you at risk:

1. Office/workplace occupations

Offices are known for long hours of sitting and working in front of a computer. Employees have little time to stand up and take a few breaks or stretches, and this can lead to a problem. While one may not think about getting a varicose or spider vein treatment in Singapore earlier, the longer you expose yourself to this routine, the more you are at risk. Hence, consider taking a few minutes to break every hour.

2. Retail stores

Employees at retail stores are typically required to stand while working. On some occasions, retail store workers can work more than 8 hours a day. If you do work in retail stores, consider taking a few minutes of stretching every 60 mins. You can also consider visiting a vein clinic in Singapore for checkups.

3. Educational field

Teachers and professors spend untold hours sitting or standing on their feet in classrooms. Female teachers are much more prone to vein problems, especially during pregnancy terms and wearing high heels. While it won’t put you at a greater risk where you need to opt for vascular surgery in Singapore, it’s always crucial that you see a doctor every once in a while.

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