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4 things to know about a woman’s body

woman's bodyNot bad when a woman finds out about the reproductive mechanisms.

Understanding your body is urgently needed in both men and women. Understanding this will help woman understand the operating mechanism and the factors that affect the reproductive health of myself.

Here are 4 secret sisters should know about her body.

1. Eggs and the menstrual cycle

A woman has about 400,000 eggs in the ovaries and usually only one egg was “released” from the ovaries and “meet” with sperm, participating in the process of fertilization. At puberty, the woman began to have the phenomenon of ovulation and a loss each month.

When fall, the egg only lived for 12-48 hours, if not fertilized it will order disintegrates. About 2 weeks later, the thick lining of the uterus begin to fall fall down and the menstrual cycle occurs.

Ovulation usually occurs around the time between menstrual cycle, i.e. at around 14-15 days after starting to menstruate. When the egg has to fall, the ovules (eggs) comes into the fallopian tubes and “wait” to be fertilized. So, if you have sex without using contraception measures during this time may lead to the eggs are fertilized.

2. The ease of “pregnancy”

The fact that at any given time, the woman may also elect residence because the mechanism of ovulation is not always in the middle of the menstrual period and also not everyone as to who. Moreover, the sperm of men who have persistent vitality up to a few days so hard to anticipate the moment the sperm will fertilize the egg.

However, the time of ovulation is the time period that the probability of successful fertilization. This period is defined from 5 days before ovulation and after ovulation.

3. A fertilisation

The fertilized egg occurs after having been a man’s sperm. After the sperm is released into the vagina, through the cervix and into the fallopian tube to meet the egg. The insemination and fertilization takes place at the same time. After insemination, the sperm and egg combine into a single nucleus (called a Zygote) and move into the uterus.

In some cases, in which the fallopian tubes are blocked and still growing, is said to be refurbished. This situation is very dangerous and required the mother to surgical abortions.

Also, there are more than 1 egg and fertilized with sperm or an egg fertilized with sperm, developed thai double or multiple pregnancy.

4. The pregnancy

The formation of a pregnancy took about a day and it would not complete until a fertilized egg with sperm, then sticking into the lining of the uterus of the woman.

The process of pregnancy usually lasts about 9 months 10 days (40 weeks from the start of the last menstruation cycle). In the course of pregnancy, fetal development depends greatly on the care of the mother (both in terms of nutrition and mental health, especially the abstinence necessary …).

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