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Recipes for beautiful nails

A lot of people are just interested in the face but forget to take care of the hands, feet. The hand is the most visible part of the body.

When the hands become dry, wrinkled, venation and dull, it is at hands. Beautiful nails and health is an essential part for the elegant look neat. Whether you have a beautiful dress or size ear hair chau broaching machines, the initial impression might still not fully if the nails you dry and brittle.

Here are some tips for taking care of very simple and efficient, you refer and apply!

1. Sunscreen

The hand is often neglected, but you don’t think hands don’t need sunscreen. The Sun is the cause of 90% to 95% of the wrinkles in the hand. So, you need to apply a sunscreen with a high SPF for the back of the hand, especially when driving.

2. Make friends with mittens

SOAP, washing water is usually alkaline so it is easy to dry skin, please wear rubber gloves when your hands come in contact with other types of cosmetics. Wear gloves when you wash dishes or laundry. Should use mild soap to wash hands when the Ph.

3. Scrub

Use the Exfoliating tool on the back of the hand twice a week to get your skin smooth and luminous. You can use the quality scrubs for hand or for cash. Can also manually by a handful of sea salt mixed with lemon juice, rub on hands with an old toothbrush to remove dead skin cells.

4. Moisturize

After washing, dry and apply your moisturizer to the hands and nails. Do not regret the money investing in a specific type of hand lotion and use it everyday. The skin of your face and hands, so also should not share a kind of cream.

5. Massage the hands

Please let your hands rest whenever they tired and massaged them. Hand Massage will make the blood circulate better, help rejuvenate and revitalize the hand.

With the massage is so simple, you’ll quickly get the hands smooth and refreshed.

6. Hand mask

To have soft hands, every week you should take out about three times as a mask for the hands. You can make a mask using ingredients from nature such as olive oil, milk, oats, honey, potatoes …

7. Pamper hands

Occasionally, you should go to the beauty salon to take care of your hands. A great option is to use paraffin therapy to help the skin nice and soft hands. At home, you should take care to carefully hand to help improve beauty for hands.

8. Drink water

The nails and the skin should be provided in a day so you should drink at least 2 liters of water. This will help your nails don’t get chipped or broken fall that more and more healthy.

9. Eat more vegetables

Eat plenty of plant especially of pulses, do not just get healthy nails that the hair also make better.

“Save” the dry hands skin cracking

Dry hands crack usually occurs in the winter causing hand pain and discomfort so out of the way as you can apply some of the following formula:

-Olive oil: 1 cup of warm water and add to that 4 spoons of olive oil. Wash your hands in that 10-15 minutes, then wash off with warm water. Then apply moisturizer.

-Sauna: get a cup of hot water and steam to hot water to soften the skin, then apply moisturizer for best results.

-Nursing home by Aloe Vera leaf 1: cut and rub the gel onto the hand.

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