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Foods that prevent depression

Spinach has the effect of releasing stress, reduce anxiety and depression.

Your sadness, insecurity, body bags are not because of a particular reason. You are losing interest in things even bedding. You suffer from eating disorders, sleep, weight, body aches that taking pain relievers don’t get.

Even, you ever think about death … that may be symptoms of depression that women have had to twice more than men.

The company surprised about. Which is a dynamic, fun, laughing, personalities but 2 weeks, she becomes Moody, said laughing. Up the company sit slacking, sometimes someone asks, it wasn’t a silly at the new girl out: “Oh, he just asked if I know?”… So is the one who is depressed lightly if to visit the neuroscience.

With the strength of modern life, the stress of work, the pressure from his family, society and the individual criteria of itself render a lot of women fell into a State of depression, thinking too much praise, negative and/or anything, underestimate themselves, feeling sad, worthless, loss of interest in life, and of the future.

Even some also tend to autism and severe depression can lead to thoughts and behaviors.

Women are more susceptible to depression twice as men

According to a group of doctors who studied the University Owada, women are prone to suffer from depression more than men twice: If the overall in men, the proportion who had at least once been with depression in her lifetime is 10%, then this ratio in women is 20%.

The criteria for the diagnosis of depression are the same in both sexes, but they found that the expression of depression in women is often the anxiety, inferiority and change the taste as well as your eating habits.

The cause of this difference between men and women still is unknown. However, the researchers suggested that there may be a relation between the concentration of female hormones to depression.

Moreover, because the females handle the job by emotion, feeling more so they are prone to falling into this state when the pressure is greater in life.

Expression of depression

Non-specific, such as inflammation, fever, depression is an ambiguous status of the body in which each person has a different symptom. However, can clearly see the typical manifestations: sometimes you feel upset, frustrated and often crying, very close the bag not because of a particular reason.

Lost interest, interest in life, even bedding. Feeling useless, inferior, have an error. Been thinking about death or suicide. Insomnia or sleep li. Loss of taste or eating disorders accompanied by lose weight or gain weight is not a theme.

Often deformed tired for unknown reasons. Hard to focus thinking and hard decision. Body aches symptomatic but do not respond to conventional analgesic treatment. Felt dress, in action rứt and frustrated, outbursts.

If you find yourself with one of the above mentioned symptoms lasted for more than 2 weeks of regular, that warning shows that you may be suffering from depression and you need to be by a psychiatric specialist.

Searching for the culprit

State of depression is in fact intimately connected to an imbalance of these chemicals have the role neurotransmitters in the brain. Depression can also be triggered by certain events cause stress in the life: bereavement, divorce …

May also be due to psychological injury due to stress, shock, having many events in life long. .. Depression also has heredity for families with multiple affected different generations.

Don’t be surprised to know that alcohol and substance abuse so well if the depression. The reason is that these forces enough crippling nervous system if you abuse them for too long. The new trend of females usually mast away “catering”, partying. That’s one of the reasons is easy cause you depression more quickly.

Not to mention some of the women may have bad gas oscillations during several days after childbirth. They may feel slightly depressive, difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite and difficulty sleeping even when the baby is sleeping. This condition can progress gradually light and lost within 10 days after the birth. However, some women may have more severe and more expression and progress into true depression-medicine call this postpartum depression (postpartum depression).

Treat depression?

Almost before the depression, especially the first, often stress agent. Therefore, if prevention and dealing with the stress of life, also contribute to prevent or alleviate the heaviness of depression.

First thing to identify causes of stress, determine what you can do to improve the situation, what other people need help. At the same time must also determine who will help themselves or who should consult in the circumstances against stress (colleague, friend, psychologist …).

It is important to break the deal up into several small steps in order to comply with the timetable, the processing of new stress effectively. Parallel to that, applying the proper rest, the relaxation measures such as exercise, listening to music, watching movies, … deep breaths.

Foods that improve reduces stress and depression

Many scientific studies have shown the relationship between foods and stress. Some foods can cause stress, whereas others help repel it. Here are 6 foods against depression that you can reference.

1. Avocado: give the body a large amount of potassium, kind of important mineral helps to reduce blood pressure.

2. Oatmeal Porridge: contains more carbohydrates to help increase serotonin concentrations stabilize keeps us always feel balanced.

3. Salmon Meat: concentrations of essential fatty acids capable of hindering the increase of cortisol and adrenaline (2 types of hormone-induced stress), and reduce the risk of contracting heart diseases and helps the mind becomes. According to the experts, you should take 200 grams of salmon flesh (mackerel, herring, tuna) 2 times per week.

4. Spinach: very rich in folic acid, which has the effect of releasing stress, reduce anxiety and depression.

5. Vegetables Bruxen: contains more antioxidant and vitamin C content of vegetables. Only 100 grams Bruxen reforms will provide sufficient amount of vitamin C you need every day.

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