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7 the breakfast habits harmful to health

Although more and more people are realizing the importance of breakfast but breakfast properly remain alien to a lot of people. Please refer to these common mistakes when eating breakfast here in order not to “disrupt” your health.

1. Wake up early and have breakfast

A lot of people get up early and have breakfast right after waking up. But actually, the breakfast too early (around 5, 6 a.m.) there are no good but also can hurt the stomach.

Medical experts point out that, after a long sleep, most of the organs of the body still remain part of the dinner. The digestive organs still need time to “handle” and absorb the remaining servings.

If you eat breakfast too early, the food quality will stack with each other, affecting the digestive tract.

If you get up early, then it’s best to drink a cup of warm water filtration to reactivate the digestive system as well as the purification of the body. Then about 20 to 30 minutes should eat breakfast.

2. Walking and eating

Many people (especially Office) due to no time should enlist eat walking or eating while waiting for the bus. ..

This routine does not benefit digestion and nutrient absorption. Not to mention the dress when you go off the road can not guarantee hygiene, very dangerous to health.

3. Only eat fruit

Eat a breakfast with fruit-this habit is common in children, especially those who want to lose weight. However, this measure is not nutritional experts encourage.
Because fruits contain less protein and calories should not provide the nutrients needed to create and maintain normal metabolism of the body. In addition, fruits such as berries, banana, tomato, pink … not fit to eat when hungry.

4. Eat more meat

A lot of people say don’t eat breakfast meat will be hungry for not providing enough calories. However, experts advise that you shouldn’t eat a lot of meat or vegetable oil for breakfast. By the type of food that is high in protein, and fat, so it is not good for the stomach.

5. Use the food cold in the morning

Morning, muscles, nerves and blood vessels of the body is in a State of contraction, if you eat cold foods will cause the blood flow in the body that are difficult to remember.
Could you just initial discomfort in the digestive tract but long term you will be faced with constipation, skin becomes worse or may even be phlegm in the throat. This small but significant damage to the body’s resistance.
So when you eat breakfast should avoid eating frozen fruit, cold pressed vegetable juice, coffee or milk. Rather it should enjoy a bowl of hot porridge, bread, hot cereal, milk is hot.

6. Use of leftovers

Many people think that leveraging the previous evening meal for breakfast to avoid waste, convenience. But this idea is a big mistake!
The experts pointed out that the food does not retain the nutritional value of integrity after long time storage. Even after a night of food, can produce nitric are harmful to human health.

7. Light dishes for breakfast

Snacks that people choose for breakfast most of the dry food in the morning the body is in a State of dehydration. If using dried foods for breakfast then it will not be beneficial for digestion and absorption.

Furthermore, the meats can deliver instant energy but only for a short time and will make you feel more hungry at noon.

Breakfast with dried foods are easy to lead to nutritional deficiencies as well as physical decline, creating conditions for pathogens from entering the body.

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