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10 reasons why you can’t concentrate

The moment suddenly forget or lack of concentration can make you scared and worried, but they can happen to anyone and usually is a sign that you are suffering from stress.

When you go, you often worry more about mental problems.

Stress or anxiety disrupts your concentration and may lead to amnesia. The method of relaxation and an active, healthy lifestyle can reduce the effects of mental stress situations at home or at work.

Here are 10 common reasons why you can’t focus:

1. Depression

Lack of focus is one of the common symptoms of depression. Sometimes severe depression may render you unable to work and study effectively, therefore need to be treated with medication.

2. Lack of sleep

Sleep disruption can cause lack of concentration on the next day. Long sleep disorders may need to visit in order to detect and treat the underlying cause.

3. Abuse of alcohol or drugs

Dependence on alcohol or drugs can cause inefficient functioning brain. Even the drug-prescribing also has these effects, so you should consult your doctor.

4. Changes in sex hormones

While the impact of pregnancy on the brain is a controversial issue in the experts, many women said they often forget and lose focus on the last months of pregnancy.

5. Menopause

A study of the Medical Center, the University of Rochester (USA) showed that menopause can cause insanity “not clearly”.

6. Heart attack

Disorders of the blood flow in the brain can cause changes in the brain, severe cases can lead to memory loss or impaired concentration. Occupational therapy can help restore some of the mental skills.

7. Thyroid disorders

Low thyroid function can cause changes in brain cell activity. Thyroid treatment may consist of alternative medicine.

8. Anemia

Weakness and fatigue can cause lack of red blood cells, because of the reduction cannot be perfect in body. Can successfully treat anemia due to lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements.

9. The damage

The impact on the head when playing sports can cause temporary confusion, while more severe lesions such as vehicular accidents, can cause permanent damage, leading to hard to focus. In older adults, falls are the most common cause of injury and can cause confusion. Treatment following injury is crucial to minimize the damage.

10. Dementia

Diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease that can cause brain damage and memory loss in a short time is often one of the first signs of the disease. Various medications can be used to change the progression of disease and improve some of the impact.

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