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The note when travel for cardiovascular patients by plane

travel for cardiovascular patients by planeStrong growth of traffic for people many different choices when travelling. In which the means of transport by plane are the remarkable advantages. However, this media is not recommended for some diseases, such as cardiovascular or high blood pressure.

An impact how to circulatory system?

The cabin on flights today are modern equipped with the pressurization system. This system helps passengers to withstand atmospheric pressure environment of low and high oxygen concentrations on the thinning. Even so, when the aircraft altitude from 2,000 m and above, the reactions of the blood vessels (coronary, cerebral vasodilation and contraction visceral arteries), increase the supply of heart, fast vessels can occur.

However, to emphasize that the response to this place with high intensity. In contrast, the worry when the airplane takeoff and landing can cause an impact spiritually not good for sick people. This gear should note for those nervous easily irritated by taking the antidepressants.

According to the doctor, the patient should take a small dose of sedative as soon as they board the plane and about 45 minutes before the plane landed if the flight took over 6 hours. After the plane landed, the patient should be relaxing getaway, especially when there is a lot of disparity in the zone.

Cardiovascular patients to exercise caution when to travel?

With coronary atherosclerosis disease: If the patient has severe stable angina (pain in certain circumstances such as when exertion, when touched …) may not restrict travel by plane. Before the plane landed about 30 minutes, the patient should drink 2.5 mg or 1 tablet lenitral 30 mg 1 tablet imdur because when the ground, coronary artery relaxation effects due to lack of oxygen on high will lose, coronary spasms at this can be.

Conversely, if the disease is angina unstable (the tightness appeared no rule, occurs at any time) are necessarily not be traveling by plane, unless the aircraft is equipped with emergency facilities and medical staff to track.

For patients with myocardial infarction, need to consider carefully. In cases where the patient does not suffer heart failure, chest pain, or only mild chest pain, duration of pain should be able to travel after 3 months since suffering myocardial infarction. In contrast, the sick should not travel if any complications occur in the acute phase of myocardial infarction or during the period of myocardial infarction. In case of necessity, the patient should be a removable emergency crews escorted en route.

People with heart valve disease or congenital heart disease: in the case of patients with no signs of purple lips, the genus may be allowed to travel by plane if stable condition or disease status is controlled by the drug treatment, with no complications. Congenital heart disease who have purple, in most cases, the journey by plane need not set out special preventive measures. Average oxygen just when the patient suffers from lack of oxygen, offensive, stunned. If the patient weighs more and red violet, the patient should drink plenty of water and drink several times, drink regularly while flying to offset volume lost due to air dry on the plane cause.

With the sick heart failure: when the condition of heart failure was relieved, the patient may be allowed to travel. If severe heart failure, there are dangerous complications such as relaxation furniture left, Center and heart functions were of serious decline, Zhang arrhythmia, impaired organ like kidney, liver due to be watered blood full … What are the opinion of the doctor when traveling in this medium.

With the alleged bloc Atrium furniture: for those patients with blốc level II or level III Interior Atrium, should not travel even when the patient still feels perfectly normal body. When the patient has been given pacemaker can travel normally.

With patients with hypertension: there are no indications of travel for those cases of hypertension medium level and patients felt normal for the measurements of blood pressure ourselves. But for those patients with hypertension (blood pressure greater than or equal to 180 mmHg), affect the function of the internal organs and risks causing lung suits, not allowed to journey by plane.

Patients with varicose veins limbs: Elastic leg tape by chun or medical use when sitting on the plane to increase power into account, avoiding formation of blood volume in the veins. For 45-60 minutes should go back in about 5 minutes or resting your leg up high and remember to drink enough water in flight, Japan is the flight length.

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