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Reduces effective acne during pregnancy

Reduces effective acne during pregnancyAcne has always been one of the issues that the young mother in common and very interested in pregnancy. Acne can be had from before pregnancy and heavier or not lightly go in this special phase.

Anxiety often occur with mothers who possessed a beautiful, smooth skin to prepare for motherhood, acne appears.

During pregnancy, the level of course fluctuate up and down hooc erratic lead to strengthening grows about 1/3 of acne in women at pregnancy. The increase in more quality androden will increase the sebum on the skin and the acne formation.

Usually acne would run into the early months of pregnancy and promptly relieved after birth. But there are also cases of acne will follow you forever until the baby is a few months old. To minimize this problem, the process of therapy, care is needed, both to improve the skin for my mom recently assured safe for children, leading criteria are laid out.

To reduce acne during this time, the sisters pregnancy should prioritise the natural remedies:

Keeping the skin clean, regularly, you can wash the face with oily products and prevent acne in a form such as milk or foaming gel cleanser, sand or sand. DAB the water balance (tone) of the same type with milk cleanser.

-If the skin too much oil you can use paper and fresh oil to help dry skin.

-Mask 2 times a week Packed with products from nature like fresh milk, cucumber …, use oil or peeling mild reducing agent.

-Acne medication containing erythromycin Lotion when acne pustules.

-Avoid the Sun by a broad hat, password page. The sunscreen will help minimize the irritating the skin, reducing the Horn, aging skin by optics as well as density of lightening-a skin problems are also quite common in her cast.

-To visit the specialist skin clinic, to be consulted if the skin is too bad.

What you should avoid when acne during pregnancy

Absolutely not self-treatment as tips of people around because this is a very sensitive stage. The arbitrary treatment can affect the baby.

Avoid, crafting the acne.

The acne is not used during pregnancy

Medicines: because of risk of fetal deformities, drug quality isotretinoin is contraindicated during pregnancy. Other medications such as hormonal tablets, antibiotics belong cylin (such as tetracylin, doxycyclin) also are not used during this period.

The drug potentially heading: Retinoid (retinoic acid, anew, adapalen …) or other drugs cause peeling horns also are not indicated for pregnant women.

Should avoid choosing the products that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, are the ingredients have been studied and shown that related to fetal deformities.

Acne in pregnancy is not the simple All medications need to consult your physician. Avoid the Sun, skin care with safe and natural product that uses acne is what pregnant women can take to curb acne.

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