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Measures to support the treatment of degenerative arthritis

treatment of degenerative arthritisDegenerative joint disease can be prevented. In addition to the reason of injury and joint work overload, a fairly common cause of disease cause degenerative arthritis today is obesity.

The following are 10 steps professionals give to support treatment of degenerative arthritis:

1. Maintain body weight at the appropriate level

Obesity is one of the causes of degenerative arthritis. When you override as fat, weight, especially joints, hip joints, knee and feet.

2. Take lobbying

Fitness training, sports strength will help newly healthy muscles, blood blood flow easily. In addition there is also the factor that helps strengthen nutrition for layers of cartilage in joints. Healthy muscles will help reduce operating stresses joints in campaigning.

3. Hold the body always upright posture

Good posture will help protect the joints, avoidance of overrides pressed discordant. Straight posture in Physiology, the area of contact between the two sides will reach a maximum matching, thus operating pressure will be minimal. This posture is also created balance power between the ligaments and muscles around the joints, which helps reduce operating stresses most sides cartilage arthritis.

4. Use the joints in large heavy scooped

When lifting heavy items or handbags, you need to pay attention to use of the large muscle in the hand joints like the shoulder joints arthritis is khá»­u; at the foot of the hip joints, knee joints. Cleverly use the principle of leverage in the large joints to avoid hurting the small joints.

5. Hold the rhythm of living comfort

You should arrange reasonable work, harmony between rest and labour. It should be remembered that the bodies in the body which need the break to renewable energy. Should not be repeating a job or postures work extends beyond the body’s stamina. Force was not large but if repeated in time too long will injure joints.

6. To know “listening” body

Our bodies are very excellent alarm mechanism. When there is a problem, it will notify you. In particular, pain is an indication. To stop immediately the athletes if they cause pain.

7. Change posture regularly

Avoid lying long long, long standing, sitting one seat because of periodic and economically stagnant would cause stiffness. Maybe this is the key factor to cause degenerative joint due to career, especially on the workers mind.

8. Avoid exercises “like a warrior”

When your joints is a problem, you can implement the advice should a doctor’s campaigning energetically. Fear of disease cause you to rush into training as firefighters extinguished the fire. However, this cannot apply to hurting joints. Cartilaginous joints must undergo a long time new impact damage; When you feel pain that it was damaged pretty badly. The rest would stop increasing the level of vulnerability. You should also be campaigning to hurt recovery but must begin by the gentle movements and slowly, then ascending up depending on the response of the body. If the exertion or Tempus in training to burn phase, you’ll accidentally killing new immature cartilage layer.

9. Protect the body against the uncertainties in living

When away from home, you should carefully prepare the instruments to protect the wrist and knee joints, aiming to prevent unexpected situations can cause you injury.

10. Don’t hesitate to ask for help

You should not do something impossible. If you feel stuck, should seek other help, because the cabin a scooped or overwork can injure the Musculoskeletal and do your aches and pains.

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