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6 natural ways to reduce stress instantly

ways to reduce stress instantlyEvery 30 seconds the clock once again glanced because … being late, you’ll feel the messing and fatigue. And “reduced the stress” for you here!

In the restroom a little longer

Whether at work or at home, the bathroom is also where nobody will disturb you. If you are suffering from pressure, please take 5 minutes to close your eyes sitting meditation. Breathe in deeply, trying to focus on the breath and push off. This helps you calm down and be able to concentrate on work, reduced the stress.

Wake up sooner than 5 minutes

Everyone knows the feeling every 30 seconds back on the clock once glanced because … being late. The mood is more why you messing and fatigue. Please give yourself some time to rest and get back to calm. To this period of rest is not affected sticky living, every day, take the habit of waking up early for 5 minutes.

Change diet

Berries are rich in natural vitamin C, which helps the body to increase the “fight” with cortisol-a chemical secreted from the brain and make you stress. So, please supplement the fruits in your daily diet.

Avoid beverages cause stress

Alcohol makes your brain disorder, causing disruption of sleep and affects mood, mainly feeling u are, headache, fatigue … Moreover, stress and sleep is related to each other: chronic stress can cause you to lose sleep at night, lack of sleep can also lead to tensions worse.

For this reason you should avoid drinking alcohol and other stimulants before sleeping. This is also to reduce “job” for the stomach.

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