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The spiritual life and healthy lifestyle for senior citizens

The Buddha taught that human suffering had eight. The first four suffering as “born-aging-patients-die”, then “aging – elderly” is actually a suffering that those who are already old new manner. With that sense, our State was interested in both a generation of senior citizens that formed The Elderly and elderly care plan. How do you remove line that live for the elderly, healthy, fun living useful to hand out what eyes swept away. It is our goal to strive, i.e. every single day on this day by day, in whose life was happily.

However, to get this is not easy, even those who made the monks if wrong words Buddha still practice died in misery as often. In contrast, there are people their lives so beautiful in relaxing fun before departure and even someone notice on death. In life we too often witnessed people came to an end as beautiful as that! Then this is exactly the value of human beings.

There are many ways to know the “old man”: the first is advanced age, old age. The second is an old practice, i.e. physically weak, mentally off and no longer able to contribute something for life anymore. Again, there’s a way, “old” is the old man on the concept, i.e. the age but not high but don’t want to do something for life, just like enjoyment, like others offered to serve, etc., … then immediately that old, old really. The old man on the concept-don’t want to devote more-is downright dangerous for us.

There are factors to assess “the elderly without aging”, that is: those who are always looking for ways of devotion, always looking for ways to serve for life, those that do not know how old they are but it is said that old people because of the desires of their relentless devotion.

We have a philosophy “a day that will live in vain on pieces of rice or jacket is waste, is the debt, including the elderly.” For example, someone started to go into old age, but still the dedication, still do something for the family, for his neighbor villages or join the Club, or come to the elderly, together take care of people weaker than themselves. I.e. non-stop dedication “one day live is a useful”.

There are cases where people have eaten residual welfare then they balance and they don’t need to do anything that still has enough food, clothes. But it is risky that if we understand the moral “most real work most real reality”, because our past failure to allow him to do what was still enough to eat enough to wear. However if we were enjoying i.e. ‘s lost ideals alive then beware we do not have an auspicious because death happily about old age we live in vain.

The age of retirement, the entire old age if we lived in vain we shall very miserable because of carpal, life is not dead nor is, we became a burden for the descendents of old. Also if in old age that, we continue to live useful, then at the end of life is an evangelical, a gentle death serenity. In the law of cause and effect of Buddhism then blesses and guilty of past lives, which affect the welfare and lives of the after affects, but it has the part adjoining causation of 5 years or 10 years successive. To understand this we live for true then life will happily happily over. Especially the elderly, although the health of ta weaker, but lessened ability to devote the ideal devotion never stopped, never to be depleted, because we bring this ideal through after always not just limited to one account.

To prepare for old age we live filled with happy, no need to do still break even but we still have to do and dedicating each person chooses the way of the wise dedication of old age. There are many ways to devote appropriate old age with health, age of each person. For example, participating in activities with The elderly, join the shume practice, join the Club, Nursing Student, … then slowly work it will open up, we have an environment of continued dedication. When we contribute with money, with effort, verbally, by experience and when we only contribute by prayer alone but that the contribution that precious. Depending on the effort, that we worry for many people but also when we only worry was for fewer people but that is also the donations. When the mind is anxious for many German interest is greater then.

Said old man that old lady who constantly ideally serve for life. We have well enough to eat enough even without labor, but we never allow yourself to live one day in vain. This creates a powerful spiritual happily of the elderly. Because each one day dedication is happily, eating pieces of rice, drinking water is not wasted pieces for a lifetime. In contrast, people do stop then start dedicating spirit bags, or retro past and fearing the future death. Understand this is we know the secret lives happily for all past this and after, despite advanced age or age is not high.

The elderly have more gold and silver precious ones that nobody steals and exploits nor does it all, it is the experience of life. There are those who retired but the experience still teeming, here called the intangible assets of the country. Despite the strength and power that has restricted travel, but the experience was there is still wisdom. If we learned that experience will help yourself a lot on the way. The country’s social and moral power of you. We love you young, put more expectation where young class, but the experience of older people would be added to the young child class to quickly exit the computer daydreaming and fantasy life that timely step into the life of this harsh reality, can devote more

So, should have somehow to the elderly have contributed wisdom, experience for younger grades. We should give people who came to the elderly that we think they have a lot of experience to record, or are we creating the forum for two generations sitting in dialogue with each other. When children are given the opportunity to sit in class with the elderly to hear the block this and other beneficial analysis articles harmful how are getting in life they would work more efficient, this is exciting!

Dealing with the status of the population are older, as currently the world’s population is aging slowly because there are many restrictions. This means that class to shoulder more (a young person must be mated five or six older) then society will be difficult, hard to grow, not leftovers out much to invest for the future. Thus, the solutions that are in place are:
+ First, we do for elderly suddenly stops rejuvenation, i.e. the elderly know self-care to myself, do not create a burden to society. For example, grandparents raising grandchildren dùm children to ride work serving life. Thanks to grandparents raising grandchildren and grandchildren help should reduce the costs of raising children. Therefore the population being elderly care by grandparents and grandchildren to hire someone else. Even grandparents also helped a lot of stuff.
+ Monday, when old people burden eased the burden for the country would have to balance out more than that of investment for the future. All because of love and children love the Fatherland (expanded schools, highways, hospitals, investments and research in engineering, technology, etc, …).
With two meanings, one is for divine love with grandchildren, two great love for the fatherland, which should never be the burden of descendants that that burden sharing is always voluntary. So, although the population is old but not depression, because his family does also adorable, because the elderly are extremely useful to society.

Put the case, if one person gets sick, too ill to take care of the children and as such it became a burden to their loved ones, to society. At that point the solution chosen is: we have a workout to diseased without strenuous anguish and don’t need much health care is very expensive; Without the destructive way of living and health; Know the nursing student training; Know meditation; Know the diet reduce animal feed; Learn to use herbal balance body, should limit use of drugs cause side effects including the ill and elderly are at wane but without forming the independent. For people with cancer should be treated by the Lord Buddha penitence, with spirituality, the results will be higher than when we understand the principle of cancer.

When we just said to elderly how to not become a burden to young people then we also warned young people to when they step into old age is also tall and healthy living, for example, the role of good does not become burden for who but also to share the burden for the descendants and fresh departure in grief of knowing how many people collectively around.

Suppose someone was trying hard is sharing the burden with descendants, live reasonably full off but now they ran out of steam and located a place doing nothing yet, so how can live each day are useful? In this case we still mind finally nianfo prayed for world peace, pray for people loving each other, pray for humanity fist go to the dealer, … No hatred, no war, no guillotine killed and expect that led France to glean all sentient beings to anybody know about enlightenment freed, … The prayer which is still tossing out of nowhere come into the world the spiritual invisible but it is not nonsense. So the day is useful even for a living prayer, we live happily, happily living worthy pieces of rice or jacket that you’re using. Finally, when to abandon this life to new life, we go about anywhere depending on at old age we live like? That depends on time and at a few years old (10 years or 20 years) we live out stars, was born at death of realms.

Get the right direction for his spiritual life, especially in the age of driver dimension employed are useful. Sheets of generosity, donations of intellectual property, the philosophy of a life and feelings of the elderly suggest open perspectives in the spiritual life, spiritual life, contributing to giving the elderly a possibility thinking, how to do it yourself life fun, well-being, live happy, useful for the family and for society, in order to demonstrate the value the lives of senior citizens.

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