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6 new technique cancer treatment

new technique cancer treatmentIn addition to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, there are now a number of new cancer treatments are being researched test.

In particular, 6 techniques below are considered the most candidates.

1. Technical Intra-arterial Interrention

Intra-arterial Interrention (technical intervention campaign: artery invasive), referred to as the IAI or technical information principle artery. In this technique, used a rope and medicines to principle arterial blood clots (blood flow). The goal is to take the drug in order to destroy the tumor should also be good is chemotherapy.

2. Technical RFA

Techniques (radiofrequency ablation) RFA is technically using radiofrequency destruction of the tumor with heat generated by the friction of the ions in the tissue under the impact of AC frequency sounds (200-1200 MHz). Power from the machine is passed into the tumor via an electrode shaped needle (needle electrode) and heat.

Heat due to friction drying the surrounding tissue leads to dehydration of cells, causing necrotic tumor links Eastern. depending on the size of the tumor, one must make many crabs treatment different to completely destroyed tumors. advantage against this technique is less severe complications, mild complications rate about 2-3%.

3. Technical thermodynamics

Technical thermodynamics (Cryoablation) is inverted tricks with aforementioned techniques using RFA as it brings low temperatures and high efficiency by tumors susceptible to destruction in cold environments under-100oC. In this technique, used a stone sphere containing needles, needles sizesĀ 1,7mm; 2,4mm; 3,8mm and is chosen based on the size of the globe kicking tumors. are in the needle to destroy tumor cells.

4. Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology (Nanotechnology) is a new technique, not popular, only used for a group of patients, particularly in developed countries, but is considered a promising technology solutions. In principle, Nanotechnology uses pharmaceutical nano or Super nano to help the body absorb the medication well. For example, in engineering chemotherapy is currently applied, the amount of drugs entering the tumor only 50% but if by nanotechnology, effective drug absorption can reach 80-90%, whereas, without significant side effects.

5. Technical PSR

PSR (Planting seeds radiopartikel) is technically growing seed PSR. In this technique, the doctor will use tools, these particles are smaller size rice grains, which contain radioactive elements such as the ion with the aid of a pair of needles.

6. Gene therapy

One of the factors causing cancer that humans already know is because the gene cause. For example, cancer of the tongue, throat is caused by gene Kekurangab P53, EGFR gene is the lack of lung cancer or colorectal cancer due to lack of K-ras gene … so by gene therapy, might lack genes added to help your body not infected.

Recently, thanks to the aforementioned techniques, science has corrected a lot of diseases, such as white blood cell using the sick person’s blood cells to destroy cancer cells in the body, or skin cancer cure, cancer head neck region … has yielded very encouraging results, However, this technique is now only allowed to clinical trials.

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