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Treatment of brain tumor and pathology in the brain by method of radiation surgery

Treatment of brain tumor and pathology in the brain by using Gamma Knife radiation surgery Back without surgery, treatment time: 1 day

Brain cancer and other diseases of the brain

Currently, brain cancer and other diseases of the brain is a pretty common with cancer incidence must be relatively high, especially in the age group 15-30 years of age (30%). simultaneous treatment of tumors and lesions are also complex and technical requirements. There are 3 methods of treatment:

-Open surgery
-Radiotherapy external projection
-Radiation surgery Locator

Surgery is the classic method and is the first choice in the treatment of cancer, but with the body in the brain surgery has some disadvantages:

Only treatment was a certain number of injuries, some damage can not be removed thoroughly.

There are many severe complications can lead to deaths, blood loss, infections, leaks of cerebrospinal fluid, lack of organization of the brain.

On the other hand, due to the psychological should many patients refused open surgery performed for the Organization of the brain.Today, radiotherapy and Gamma Knife radiation surgery located by is the optimal choice in developed countries, especially radiation surgery-evaluation method of treatment of brain tumor and most modern diseases.

The map operation is done by method of Gamma Knife-by Professor Lars Leksell developed in 1968-the only method used in Radiotherapy of brain surgery today. Most modern generation of Gamma Knife is the Gamma Knife back due to the current American system equipment, was the application of the latest technology of computer, automation, mechanical precision …

The system of Rotating Gamma Knife radiation sources could turn around the patient when treatment should be able to treat the tumor size greater than with effective treatment superior to other types of Gamma Knife before.

Advantages of Rotary Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife is a progressive Spin on technology as well as Excel in quality in the treatment of brain tumours and lesions with the advantage:

-Remove organizational pathology in the brain without surgically opening the skull.
-Patients are not surgical incisions open, short hospitalised over time.
-Almost without severe complications.
-Cost treatment reduced 30-70%.
-Thanks to the progress of mechanical engineering and automation, accurate sources of radiation treatment processes should be back reaching high precision, simple operation and safety.
-Influence the Organization heal very small.
-Does not require a property after surgical treatment for long as in the open.
-Treatment of tumor size reaches 5 cm-maximum over the older generation (3 cm).
-Special effects with diseases such as cerebral vascular malformations, using Gamma Knife, patients don’t have to Dial and buttons can be treated thoroughly …

Specify the treatment

With many outstanding advantages, Gamma Knife treatment is indicated for Filming many types of tumors and diseases:

1. metastatic tumors in the brain: these tumors are treated with gamma knife has very good efficacy, many showed good results obtained over 90%.

2. tumors meninges in different positions-particularly the non-interference by surgery, or surgery cause many complications such as: tumors in the ski tracks (Cluvis), the angle that the minor brain, tumors, near the large blood vessels, the tumors in a third small Butterfly bones in the wing.

3. tumors nervous buffer level I, II, III.

4. pituitary tumor, especially tumors encroached on organized around such as the carotid arteries, venous sinuses, an not get off tumors.

5. tumors skull almost impossible task.

6. the online spare parts such as: tumors, germ cell membranes, nerve tumors buffer.

7. tumors nerves of V.

8. tumors nerve number VIII, tumors mixed nerves. This is only to treat very well, avoiding damage to the nerve-outstanding points compared to open surgery (according to various statistics, over 90% of open surgery patients paralyzed facial muscles). Currently, in the United States, if the tumor is large, the line VIII surgery neurological surgery who often took u out how gamma knife therapy then kill the remaining tumor, States will avoid such listed items.

9. treatment of neuralgia of V: 100% of patients have markedly reduced the pain results.

10. the lesions cause seizures.

11. the tumor blood can hang (caveroma) especially the deep surgery dangerous computer network or neurological disorders such as brain, brainstem, the Pacific ocean depths.

12. the dynamic malformations (AVM) veins are small and medium size. Gamma rays will cause the blood vessels in the fiber teo tumors without damaging healthy brain organisations around the open surgery versus.

According to statistics in the USA, the indicated Gamma Knife treatment for 36% of the tumors in the skull, 35% for malformation with veins and 2% for epilepsy and pain. So just to use the gamma knife quite extensively but there are certain restrictions on the size scale of the disease.

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