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The common cause of infertility in women

Multiple ovarian cyst syndrome, endothelium, the instability in the area of the uterus … expert can do nothing to change?

Infertility causes can occur with varying degrees of par on both sides: women and men.

Once unable to identify the culprits, world experts in the form of infertility unfounded-the phenomenon can relate even to 15-20% of couples effort have children.

In the causes of infertility women or are these ovulation disorders, tap the egg, the endothelium of the uterus, the uterus, called the instability factor.

No ovulation

Missing or ovulation abnormality is the most common cause of infertility of women. One of the basic symptoms are disturbances of long duration of the menstrual cycle, menstruation erratic or off.

Cause having the most out of status on the so-called multi-ovarian cyst syndrome (PCOS). Syndrome PCOS as determined, if the object appears a total of at least two out of three groups of symptoms.

Group: erratic menstrual. Group two: fur too much or acne. Group three: ultrasound images of similar cases of PCOS ovaries, IE the presence many “bubble” tend to be positive and increasing the volume of the ovaries.

Treat: a lack of ovulation treatment depends on the cause. Stimulate ovulation by is the method applied the most. This therapy requires the ultrasound tests-reproductive organs called monitoring ovulation.

Egg faucet problems

Tap eggs are paired organs created favourable conditions for the fertilized egg cell and meet the needs of development of the embryo have appeared and transported the embryo to the womb.

Maintaining the ventilation inside tap eggs is necessary condition normal function of the Agency.

World expert estimates, the disorder and the ventilation of the egg can make up 30% of all cases of infertility.

Evolutions after surgery, inflammation or tribe of the endothelium of the uterus may cause malfunctioning function tap eggs. The diseases enumerated can lead to lost functionality tap eggs and clog-in the worst case.

Treat: sometimes need apply to legal procedure, to treat the ovarian pathology. Fertilization outside the body is the method selected in case of surgical solution with no results, the ovaries become completely paralyzed or the age of the patient is too high.

Languish endothelium uterus

Buccal mucosal lining of the uterus are stretching called endothelium. Role of endothelium of the uterus associated with hormone status of woman. The concentration of estrogen increase before ovulation makes it thick mucosa lining up several times.

After ovulation the lining mucosa phase ripe, which is the accumulation of the compounds necessary to meet nutritional needs fertilized egg cell.

Where there is no cell fertilized egg, the result of declining estrogen and progesteron levels, part of the uterine mucosa membrane will chip and Flake, flake led to the Pat appeared menstruation.

Languish endothelium uterus is disease occurs when the lining of the uterine mucosa cells were “implantation” mistake.

In the women’s team was unable to conceive, the percentage is even up to 50%. languish endothelium womb affected negatively to fertility through the disorder in the operation of the tap eggs, often leads to clogged hose, the phenomenon of dysfunction of the ovaries in the interactive relationship of sperm-egg cell.

In addition, can lead to problems with the immune system, preventing background processes that surround the uterus the embryo nests in.

Treatment: with the case languish endothelium uterus lighter comes from infertility doctors usually only to adopt artificial insemination of the uterus with the help of special drug stimulates ovulation. And the need for artificial insemination outside the body – patients.

The instability of the uterus

The uterus perform an important role in the process of developing embryos. Implanting embryos, the process of upbringing and development of the embryo is done inside the womb.

Diseases of the body, such as congenital cyst has the basal endothelium, uterine and the development of allergic materials inside the womb, depending on location, may cause lost of fertility, and increased risk of miscarriage or premature.

Treatment: the treatment depending on the form of the disease is detected and particular size. Remove the anomalies of the method are applied the most. In some cases the need for endoscopic surgery, or surgery to open the abdomen.

Note: do not defy age

Age played a crucial role, by birth a woman’s ability to decline at the same time and significant decline occurred after the age of 35.

The phenomenon was mainly associated with the status decline in numbers and quality of egg cells and an increased risk of miscarriage in the very early stages of development of the embryo.

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