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Sleeping sickness disease (African Trypanosomiasis)

Characteristics of sleeping sickness

Sleeping sickness because the type of parasite Trypanosoma gambiense disease is common in Central and Western Africa, the parasites Trypanosoma rhodesiense disease common in Eastern Africa.

The source is the sick and some species of mammals, pets in the House as dogs, pigs, goats, sheep, cattle, horses … This usually only animals are parasites, they are not being infected or are rarely infected. The disease caused by Trypanosoma gambiense floated restriction in some parts of Africa such as Angola, Tanzania, Congo, Senegan. Medium transmission is Glossina blood flies, also known as the Tse-Tse fly, Glossina palpalis, plants, Glossina tachinoides Glossina morsitans. All ages can all the receptors, when infected with parasites may be infected. The disease caused by Trypanosoma gambiense caused disease is natural disease drive.

Parasite cause disease also known as flagellate parasites in the blood, lymph, spinal cord, hold the retina of the liver, spleen, endothelial, brain … Trypanosoma does not penetrate the endothelial cells that just in circa time cell brain, lymph nodes. Rapidly increasing numbers of flagellate form by asexual reproduction. When flies fly Glossina, also called Tse-Tse, it sucked blood and burning people will gravitate to the stomach including flagellates; Here the flagellate continued reproduction, then focused onto the salivary glands of flies. After about 20 days, blood flies flies are capable of transmitting disease. When the blood of healthy people, burning flies flagellates in saliva’s infiltration into human blood through the flies trace gas and vermin to cause disease.

About shape, all the parasitic flagellate stages in animals vertebrates or invertebrates, parasites are roi. Flagellate fuselage, thon ends; 14-33 µm in length, width about 1.5-3.5 µm. from the original roi in the tail could come out a wave along the lining of the body to the head, ending with the roi of freedom outside the fuselage. People in the middle of the fuselage. In the acute phase of the disease, in the trunk, sees no flagellates only visible particles in the flagellate themselves in chronic patients; the presence and number of seeds involves the body’s immune response to flagellate.

Trypanosoma are both males and children fly Glossina species (Tse-Tse) passed into the blood through wounds when fired. Trypanosoma in burning stain, from which a pathogen spreading by way of blood and lymph, they penetrate the central nervous system and cerebrospinal fluid. When a parasitic Trypanosoma gambiense flagellates in humans will cause many clinical manifestations took a market after incubation time averages from 6-14 days. Can be divided into 3 stages with corresponding signs of Pathology:

-Flagellates only in blood or blood, primarily in patients with manifestations such as fever and irregular, no sweat, feel uncomfortable.

-Flagellates mostly in the lymph nodes, the patient has the expression as nodes in the neck, the famous under the armpit, collarbone, painless lymph nodes, or Granuloma inguinale or mobile.

-Flagellates penetrate the central nervous system, patients with the clinical manifestations such as headaches, thẫn Church, annealing, upsets the feeling, that feeling of cow ants, cramps, afraid of light, increased sense of pain, suffer sleep disorders; at first is overturning pace bed and eventually the sleepy appearance and development. The patient can sleep even when being rolled out, are standing. The disease lasts about a couple of years and often leads to death.

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases

Diagnosis determined by taking swabs of blood, cerebrospinal fluid, lymph nodes to Trypanosoma gambiense tests find flagellate. When patients are taking the blood rush to do template giemsa staining. In addition, you can use technical response immune serum for diagnosis.

In therapy, you can use the drugs lead arsenic compounds such as tryparsamid, melarsen, suramin, pentamidine, furacine …

Prevention of disease by detection, timely diagnosis and treatment for the disease. Notes discovered flagellate in some animals to avoid. Against flies burning blood by wearing clothes cover sealed protection body, lying, using chemicals to drive kill insects. If the patient can be circulated, to preventive medication pentamidin drink.

Type of parasite Trypanosoma rhodesiense diseases like type of Trypanosoma gambiense disease triggers is also similar but more acute happenings. The patient usually suffers from high fever, edema, losing weight, fatigued fast, myocarditis. A basic characteristic is caused by Trypanosoma rhodesiense cause sleeping sickness often meet in the East African Trypanosoma gambiense sleeping sickness, is caused by common in Central and Western Africa. Methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease caused by Trypanosoma rhodesiense are similar diseases caused by Trypanosoma gambiense.

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