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Chagas disease (American Trypanosomiasis) Americas

Characteristics of Chagas disease

Chagas disease has been discovered by scientists of Chagas disease and the description. The disease caused by Trypanosoma cruzi parasite types, also called Schizotypanum cruzi triggers and circulated popular in subtropical region of South America, such as the Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uraguay … estimated that about 10 million people with disease prevention and common areas poverty, poor living conditions; housing is the type of House of leaves, cliff land, created favorable conditions for the type of insect transmission easy refuge and reproduce.

The main source of the disease is the human disease, in addition can be other types of animals such as dogs, cats, mice, monkeys … The disease is transmitted by blood and worm type bugs Triatoma acid burning blood transmitted diseases. In addition the disease can also be caused by blood transfusion, occupational accident in a laboratory, infection through breast milk or the puzzle piece, cells … have brought pathogens. All ages are receptors and may be infected.

Development cycle of the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite types underwent 2 host. Trypanosoma parasite in the blood, the endothelial cells of the grid, lymph nodes, spleen heart of humans and animals. Rapid increase in the number of flagellates in asexual reproduction. Broker transmission objects are species Nazi blood Triatoma, maybe bugs; they suck human blood and smoke always both pathogens. Trypanosoma cruzi in the gut of the worm, bugs arrived, will reproduce a fast roi roi a long fuselage short (promastigotes). Worm, bugs do not transmit straight into human and animal pathogens when blood. Trypanosoma cruzi pathogens of Scorpion ởphân, urine acid, bed bugs are blood discharged when will penetrate into the human body through cuts or scratches the skin burning due to the itching and scratching.

On the formation, in the human body, parasites Trypanosoma cruzi has two forms. In the blood, parasites have the shape typical of the flagellate, roi roi beyond the short fuselage long (promastigotes). Trypanosoma cruzi in the tissues, there is no roi (amastigotes), circle or oval, size about 3-4 µm. intermediate in insects and disease transmission in cultured environment, usually in the form of Trypanosoma had long roi roi beyond the short stem (promastigotes).

Trypanosoma cruzi causes the disease due to the clinical manifestations of acute or chronic physical. In may, after the incubation period from 5-20 on silently, ill have to react on the spot stain burn, where the parasites penetrate as being due to inflammatory edema, lymph nodes in the region near the trace gas bloat; usually if burned in the face then the inflamed eyelids a party. The signs of this lasted about a month. Then, the parasites in blood spreads throughout the body with high fever manifestations from 38-40 degrees, irregular fever, fever lasts about two weeks. In addition there is the sign comes as the genus, witch, a witch is on the eyelids; acute myocarditis with symptoms of tachycardia, heart, blood pressure, lowered, tim to; the liver, spleen, lymph swelling to; at the same time the expression encephalitis-meninges. Patients can die from after 2 to 4 weeks due to severe complications. Be prolonged if the chronic diseases, pass the acute phase. In this stage, the clinical symptoms of decreasing but not from permanently. Chronic disease could pass silently, progress and lasting tens years. The disease can reappear with complications, brain, heart and sequelae in the digestive system. Common sequelae in the heart palpitations, pain is manifested before the heart, to the whole heart. Sequelae in the gut usually see is the esophagus and colon were obese.

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases

Chagas disease diagnosis determined by blood tests, as the template discovery giemsa stained Trypanosoma cruzi parasites. In addition, you can use technical response immune serum diagnosis.

In therapy, the medication can lead arsenic compounds not effective to treat Chagas disease but drugs heading 8-aminoquinoleine has proved to be effective for treating the disease. Drugs Nifurtimox (lampit) or 2-nitroimidazole (radanil) can be used to treat Chagas disease in the early stages.

Prevention of diseases by detecting and treating patients, against Nazi blood and burning beetle bugs by various methods; at the same time need of bettering living conditions, hygienic environment, destroying the residence and reproduction of the worm, bugs.

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