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The prostate healthy for everyone

The prostate healthy for everyone

The prostate is a male gland about the size of a walnut and is located around the urethra, the path follows the urine from the bladder to the penis, and also at the base of the bladder between the rectum and the pubic bone.

Plays an important role because it is responsible for the secretion of about 25 percent of the total seminal fluid found in combination with the sperm during ejaculation and also has the function of a lubricant that can prevent the conditions of the urethra may help protect the sperm. A healthy prostate means the prostate functions normally and is unaffected by common conditions that can arise in this organ.

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The most common conditions associated with the prostate are prostate enlargement, prostatitis and prostate cancer. An enlarged prostate is often present after 50 years because the prostate has two periods of growth: one is at the time of puberty and the other appears around age 25 and later can be hyperplasia Benign prostate.

The most common symptoms are: weak flow of urine and it takes more time to do, there is a period when the man goes to the bathroom and the time actually flows, men may experience leakage, feel the need to go to urinate more often than usual, which can not be maintained so that when needed the urine must be immediately and may experience when they do not have the feeling that the bladder is empty . Prostatitis, the fact undergoes prostate gland inflammation that has a serious cause may be an infection, such as a bacterium, but can spread to other parts of the body.

General symptoms of acute prostatitis include fever and pain in the perineal pain, chills, pain during urination or ejaculation, feel the need to urinate more often than usual, you can even hold urine or blood they may experience in the urine and there may be some pain in the testicles. There is also a chronic prostatitis, but has other symptoms such as urinary tract infections, back pain, pelvic area, testicles or perineum, experiencing pain when the urine or ejaculate and may also have blood in the abnormal urine color or urine.

Prostate cancer is usually developed BNY men over 60 or even 65 years old. One of the main causes that can lead to conditions such as: a high-fat diet and has been shown that diets that are low in fat and high in vegetables may reduce the risk of developing this cancer.

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