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Healthy summer eating – healthy eating

Healthy summer eating – healthy eating

Summer is finally and we are most happy about it. A period of sunny hot days, long entertaining nights with friends is just here and we could not be happier. The long hours spent at the gym have finally come to an end.

My friends and I do this every year. We are not very fond of working out, I must admit this, but however this is one thing that we have managed to stick to every year. We start going to the gym in January just to end up looking great when summer comes. We try to maintain our body weight and to be properly fit for our summer bikini days.

During summer maintaining one’s weight is quite easy. Healthy summer eating is quite easy actually considering the abundance of frits and vegetables. To be frank about it, during long, hot summer days I am not really in the mood for eating heavy, fat food. It is much to hot for anyone to eat I think, so unhealthy high-fat food is out of the question.

But what does healthy summer eating really means? Is there a diet plan we have to come up with or is everything easier than we have imagined? The answer is that we only have to follow some simple guidelines.

First of all drink a lot of water. It is very important to properly hydrate during summer when your body has a tendency to dehydrate. You can also add slices of lemon to your water. Staying hydrated will not be very hard because the body provides signals on its’ own. I for one drink a lot of water in the summer and not because I heard that this is the thing to do, but my body literally screams for water.

The abundance of fruits and vegetables offers us many options as far as healthy summer eating is concerned. We can eat a vegetable salad.

Besides its’ nutritive properties, it is also very tasty. I love tomatoes in my salad, they have a rich, refreshing taste. In the past years people used to eat hamburgers or hot dogs for outdoor walks or picnics. Nowadays, more and more people have begun to replace those fat, unhealthy junk foods with grilled fish or chicken. During hot summer days they represent a healthier meal to eat.

The best part about healthy summer eating is definitely the dessert. We can enjoy a variety of fruit based desserts which will make the perfect ending of a hot summer day meal. The variety of summer fruits will not only provide us with all the necessary vitamins we need in order to remain healthy and energetic, but they will also represent a delightful and refreshing meal during hot summer days.

So remember, it is easy to eat healthy during summer! Just drink a lot of water, eat fish, chicken and vegetables, and last but definitely not least, enjoy a fruit made dessert! This would be quite enough, don’t you think?

Healthy summer eating – healthy eating

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