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Signs and symptoms of colon cancer

Signs and symptoms of colon cancer

The signs and symptoms of colon cancer can vary form one individual to another. While some patients have no symptoms at all, others might experience more than one. However, in the biggest majority of cases, symptoms do not occur in the earliest stages and this is the may reason why the cancer diagnosis is made after the tumors have already spread to other parts of the individual’s body.

In general, the first sings and symptoms of colon cancer include changes in the bowel movements, persisting diarrhea or constipation and also the alternation between those two elements. Other symptoms can include bloating, gas, abdominal cramps, rectal bleeding or the presence of blood in the stools. When blood is present people usually associate the symptom with cancer and have the recommended medical checks.

Besides these signs, the individuals that have developed colon cancer can also feel the sensation of not being able to empty their bowel completely. The unexplained and rapid loose of weight and the constant fatigue were also established as colon cancer symptoms, that many patients experience, buy mostly when the cancer advances.

Colon cancer sings and symptoms can and should alarm an individual as soon as they are first felt, and medical check should be done as soon as possible. But because in some cases colon cancer development is made with no symptoms, a person must also know the main risk factors in getting this disease and have screening tests, when they are recommended in order to diagnose the cancer as soon as it is formed. And an early diagnosis can mean for some people the difference between life and death.

So, you should know that the age is considered by researchers a risk factor in developing colon cancer because mostly the ones that are affected by this disease are over 50 years old, but colon cancer can affect also a younger person. The family history related to colon cancer cases is also a very important thing you should keep under consideration.

If someone in your family have had colon cancer, than the risk of developing it yourself are increasingly higher. Older diseases of the bowel are also considered to favor the forming of colon cancer. A lack of physical exercises, a sedentary life style and an unhealthy diet are also considered risk factors. Researchers have also suggested that smokers and heavy drinkers have an increased risk of developing colon cancer.

If you are under one or more of these risk factors, have a screening test at the recommended time periods, and if you have one of the colon cancer symptoms make a doctor appointment immediately. It is better to prevent the disease than cure it, but when it is already formed, the best chances to cure it are in the cases when colon cancer is diagnosed as soon as it was formed.

Signs and symptoms of colon cancer

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