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Premature menopause symptoms and diagnosis

How Is Premature Menopause Diagnosed?

First, your doctor will presumably perform a physical exam and draw blood to rule out completely different conditions, like pregnancy and thyroid disease. He or she might also order a take a glance at to measure your estradiol levels. Low levels of estradiol, a kind of estrogen, can indicate that your ovaries are coming out to fail. When estradiol levels are below thirty six, it’s planning to signal that you {just} just are in menopause.

However, the foremost very important take a glance at used to diagnose premature menopause is also a blood take a glance at that measures follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). FSH causes your ovaries to produce estrogen. When your ovaries impede their production of estrogen, your levels of FSH increase. When your FSH levels rise on high of thirty or forty mIU/mL, it continuously indicates that you {just} just are in menopause.

What Types of Health Issues Affect Women Undergoing Premature Menopause?

Like all menopausal girls, girls in premature menopause expertise lowered estrogen levels because the ovaries stop most of their production of this hormone. Low levels of estrogen will cause changes in an exceedingly woman’s overall health and will increase her risk for sure medical conditions, like osteoporosis. different health risks related to the loss of estrogen embody increased risk for colon and ovarian cancer, periodontal (gum) disease and tooth loss and cataract formation.

However, compared with girls who bear natural menopause, girls undergoing premature menopause pay a larger portion of their lives while not the protecting edges of their own estrogen. This puts them at a fair larger risk for the on top of mentioned menopause-related health issues.

How Is Premature Menopause Treated?

The symptoms and health risks of premature menopause in addition because the emotional problems which will result from it are often managed with the strategies the same as those used for natural menopause. girls addressing infertility that’s brought on by premature menopause might want to debate their choices with their doctor or with a reproductive specialist.

Can Premature Menopause Be Reversed?

No. Premature menopause is that the results of an underlying method. Once the method has started, it’s unlikely to be reversed.

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