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The link between cancer of the cervix and human papillomavirus

The link between cancer of the cervix and human papillomavirus

Research conducted in recent years have uncovered the link between cancer of the cervix and human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted virus. Today, it’s estimated that just about all such cancers are associated with these viruses.

Cancer of the cervix develops from precancerous lesions known as induced by totally different viruses of the family of human papillomavirus (HPV or HPV for Human Papillomavirus). Researcher within the unit gene expression and disease of the Pasteur Institute, Françoise Thierry tells us additional regarding these viruses.

Portrait of a family of viruses – Papillomavirus Cancer uterusLe Dr. Thierry tells us that: “Overall, these viruses are divided into 2 massive families. Some have an effect on the skin and mucous membranes seconds. a number of these infections are benign (warts of the hand and foot arch) whereas others might progress to cancer development. As is usually the case within the cervix.

If these sexually transmitted infections are most frequently benign, they operate in some cases by precancerous lesions (dysplasia) that they will even evolve into cancer of the cervix if not treated. There are every year and 258 000 deaths worldwide, as well as 1000 in France. The papillomaviruses are present  in 80 to 100% of cancers of the cervix. Conversely, the chance of cancer among women not infected is just about nil.

Among the various sorts of viruses (there are nearly 120 genotypes), not all have an equivalent carcinogenic. In Europe, the foremost harmful is undoubtedly that of sort 16, concerned in additional than a cancer on deux1 cervix. different sorts of this virus are oncogenic HPV18 (20% of cases) and fewer typically HPV31, HPV33 and HPV35. “We can’t essentially say they’re less dangerous, they’re definitely less gift in our European setting. In Colombia, human papillomavirus found in over half of cancerous lesions of the cervix is HPV45. It are thus massive geographical variability “said Dr. Thierry.

Finally, there are Asian or African variants of HPV found in Europe. Some studies counsel they’re additional persistent and fewer simply eliminated by the body. however this remains controversial. However, all HPV infections don’t progress to cancer, fortunately!

hpv cancer

All infections don’t progress to cancer  – HPV infections are quite common in young women and most frequently regress spontaneously. Thus, a minimum of one sexually active woman in 2 was exposed to the virus throughout its life. The virus was detected in 30% of women beneath 30 years old and in 100% of women beyond that age. the chance of infection will increase to 60%, five years once the onset of sexual intercourse, it decreases and then drops to 5-10% once 40-45 years old.

HPV infections by an equivalent virus sort oncogene are sometimes trivial as a result of the body eliminates it inside 6 to 13 months following the contamination. “We don’t understand several factors that cause the infection can resolve spontaneously or cause cancer. it’s estimated that these days is that the length of this infection can run the cancer method,” says Dr. Thierry. it’s the persistence of infection by this oncogene virus, that causes abnormal cells – the foremost necessary marker of tumor

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