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Chemo and cervical cancer

Chemo and cervical cancer

Cervical cancer treatment has many sorts and it always includes a lot of therapeutic strategies, looking on the clinical stage of the illness. The treatment strategies are the following: surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonotherapy, biologic therapy and genetic therapy (it is nonetheless in study).

These therapeutically strategies is related to each other so as to get the most effective therapeutic result potential. the aim of the oncologic therapy is the recovery (curability), the staging of the illness, continuation of the survival, the continuation of the free interval of illness or palliation (adjustment of semeiology and improvement of the life’s quality). The therapeutically course is established by the commission of therapeutic call composed by an oncologist, chemotherapy doctor, radiotherapy doctor, a psychologist and a pathologist.

Choosing the precise treatment is formed smitten by the localization of the illness, the clinical stage, the factors of prognostic, the clinical scenario of the patient, the age of the patient, the presence of alternative sicknesses associated and also the patient’s choice. The patient should receive all the data regarding every treatment, the advantages of it, the aspect effects and not lastly the risks that the patient can assume in case that he/she refuses the counseled treatment.

The oncology treatment includes native and systematic therapy. The native treatment actions over the first tumor and it involves surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immuno-therapy. The systematic treatment actions over the first tumor and over the disseminated cells from the first tumor to alternative tissues/organs of the organism. The systematic treatment might involve chemotherapy, hormono-therapy, chemotherapy and cervical cancer – chemotherapy represents the treatment methodology, that uses citotoxic medicines so as to destroy the malign cells. it’s administrated intravenously (the most frequently), on the oral approach, intra-arterial, intra-toumoral or intramuscular.

Chemotherapy is curative (represents the principal modality of treatment), neoadjuvant or pre-operatorial (they have the role to cut back the first tumour, to boost the loco-regional management of the illness and to decrease the chance of distance dissemination of the cancer within the case of the patients with un-advantageous prognostic), palliative (has the aim to boost the life’s quality, reduces the semiology).

Chemotherapy and cervical cancer – chemotherapy is administrated, normally in series/cures of one day, 2 days, three days or five days (there are a lot of advanced series, also), every amount of the treatment is followed by a amount of recovery (3-4 weeks). There is used a lot of cytostatics, relying on: localization, hysto-pathological kind, clinical stage, the sicknesses related to the cancer and also the choice of the doctor.

Side effects of the cytostatics are several, with totally different grades of severity, temporary or permanent. The secondary effects rely upon the cytostatic, on the doses administrated and on the amount of the treatment. the foremost frequent aspect effects of the cytostatics are: physical asthenia, lost of the alimentary appetite, alopecia (hair lost), nausea and eructation, high risk of infections (by decreasing of the leucocyte’s number), totally different bleedings (by decreasing the amount of the thrombocytes), disorders of the intestinal transit (diarrhea or constipation), anemia, mucositis and hypersensitivity. Most of the aspect effects is ameliorated by specific treatments and that they sometimes disappear when the chemotherapy ends.

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