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Who does colon cancer affect

Colon cancer has become such a known disease that today almost every individual has heard bout it. But, unfortunately hearing about colon cancer, does not mean also knowing the main risk factors or the causes of the disease, how is colon cancer diagnosed and developed or who does colon cancer affect. For every single one of these questions there are complex answers every individual should know.

So, who does colon cancer affect should be the first question we need to ask. And the answer is as simple as possible: anyone. Colon cancer can affect every person mostly the ones that are under the influence of one or more risk factors, but also any individual, regardless of his age, medical history or family heritage. Colon cancer is developed and formed when otherwise normal and healthy cells start dividing in an abnormal way.

These polyps that are formed are not cancerous at the beginnings, but they have the potential of becoming cancer tumors, if they are not removed, and in most cases they do become colon cancer. This abnormal dividing of cells can be determined by many factors. A genetic family heritage, a mutant gene, a high level of stress that affected the individual, or any element that can have a big impact of the individual’s general health, as well as diseases that were not completely or good treated and that affected someone in the past.

Both men and women equally can be affected by colon cancer. In fact, even if the ones diagnosed with this disease are mostly men, the differences between the cases of women and men are very low, and so we can not consider that men are less or more affected than women. As, already said colon cancer can affect anyone, but the ones that usually develop colon cancer, about 90 percent, are over the age of 50. In this disease, the age is considered to be a very important risk factor, although as you can imagine, not only those that are aged 50 or more can have colon cancer. At lower ages, the disease can be caused by the inheriting of some genetic mutations. Someone can be born with this and by the age of 15 have polyps that can become cancerous.

So, colon cancer is not a picky disease. Anyone can get it and when it is developed it is difficult to cure because there is not a single drug that can cure it. And sometimes medical intervention can treat colon cancer, but in other cases, the disease can be fatal for an individual that has reached the most advanced stage of the disease, stage four when different metastases are created on other organs in the individual’s body.

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