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How to stop hair loss naturally

Losing 50 to 60 hair a day might be quite normal. But if there is more hair loss than it should be a cause of concern. In some families  hair loss is hereditary. Also when hair comes  out in patches then you should consult a doctor, as it is an indication of ill health. In some cases hair loss may be caused by tight rollers, or wearing tight rubber bands all the time. Hair loss can affect men, women and children. Hair loss in men and women are mostly caused be stress and diets. Perming, straightening, hair dyeing, bleaching, hot combing, using heated rollers and hot wax are some other reasons for hair loss.

How to stop hair loss naturally

  1. Massaging hair with warm lanolin oil helps.
  2. When there is excessive hair loss bleaching and perming should be avoided.
  3. Juice of fresh lemon massaged on the scalp and washed with a shampoo helps prevent hair loss.
  4. Massage hot olive oil and wrap your head with a hot towel, keep changing the towels four or five times and finally wash hair with a mild shampoo. This treatment gives very quick results.
  5. The use of hot and cold water alternatively stimulates hair and scalp as well.
  6. Use apple cider vinegar as a last rinse, it softens hair and also acts as an excellent conditioner .
  7. Boil a cup of celery leaves in 2 cups of water. Remove the leaves and add the juice of a lemon to it. Massage on scalp and shampoo after an hour. Helps control hair loss and also acts as an excellent conditioner for your hair.
  8. Pour milk in a spray bottle and spray milk on hair and leave for an hour or two to soak . Then rinse off with a mild shampoo. This straightens hair, removes tangles, gives shine and makes hair healthy and the roots stronger.
  9. Eat a healthy balanced diet rich in proteins and minerals.
  10. To shampoo add a teaspoon of salt and mix well. Shampoo as usual. This helps clean scalp and cures dandruff as well.
  11. Reducing stress helps a lot as it is a major cause for hair loss.
  12. Coconut milk massaged and kept for an hour before washing makes hair soft, shiny and arrests hair fall.
  13. Don’t wash hair with too hot or too cold water as it will weaken your roots and make hair fall out.
  14. Two egg white mixed with two tablespoon of  yogurt can be applied for 30 minutes and then washed, when done at least once a week  prevents hair loss .
  15. Make a natural egg shampoo with one beaten egg and the juice of one lemon. Massage on scalp and rinse without using a shampoo. To remove the smell add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to a mug of water and rinse hair well with it.

How to stop hair loss naturally

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