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Surviving colon cancer

Colon cancer is not a disease difficult to treat, but only if the diagnosis is made in the earliest stages. However, when the diagnosis is made in the last stages, colon cancer can bring the patient death. This happens because in stage four the tumors spread in the individual’s body and affects other organs such as the liver or lungs.

Being diagnosed with colon cancer, regardless of the stage can be very difficult to handle. When you know that you have a disease which can evolve if you do not treat her and when the fact that you are ill stats controlling your life things can get really bad. If you do not understand how cancer grows and how treatment works, the chances of cure are a little bit lower because you already lost the fight in your mind. However, the general survival rates for colon cancer are at about 64 percent. Of course they are higher in the first stages and lower in the last ones, but the cancer is not impossible to cure even if it has created metastases. So many people survive colon cancer.

Surviving colon cancer can be one of the most important battles of your life. Colon cancer is one of the diseases that change your way of life. It changes they way you think about your future, it changes the way you work and they way you imagine your whole life. Being able to separate yourself from the disease is very important in surviving, because although many people do not believe this, the mental health is one of the most important factors in colon cancer cure, actually in any type of cancer or diseases cure.

But what does surviving colon cancer means? To survive colon cancer can have many different meanings, but the most common one can be curing the disease. However, there is not an actually cure for colon cancer. The cure can mean a surgical intervention to remove the cancer, the stopping of the colon cancer growth or the tumors withdraw. Anyway, at none of these moments the cancer is actually cured, because recurrences can occur at any time, and so cancerous tumors can reappear. To survive colon cancer can also mean to be able to pass the moment of diagnosis and live with the disease for many years, by keeping it under control.

Support for colon cancer patients is very important is surviving the disease. Because the shock of the diagnosis can be very strong for both the patient and his loved ones, physiological consolation may be recommended. Participating in discussion and support groups can be another way in getting the help you need to pass by this very difficult moment in your life.

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