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Stop snoring workouts – sample workouts to quit snoring

Here are one or two examples to show how stop-snoring workouts can be used effectively to brace the muscles in jaws, tongue, nose, and throat, to help overcome their tendency to provide the sounds of snoring.

Chewing Exercises

For this exercise, you’ll need a stick of gum. If you do not have a stick of gum available, you can just pretend that you have got some.

1. Close your mouth. Your lips should be closed but your teeth should really be kept slightly apart. Do not let them touch.

2. Slowly start chewing your gum in such a way that your top and bottom rows of teeth gradually touch during each up-and-down movement. You will, optionally, hum with an “mmmmm” while you gnaw. This is going to help you to relax the muscles in your throat.

3. Start slowly but eventually work your way up to a minute, and then 2, and then 3. You need to feel that your jaws are getting a good workout. You must also feel the passages in your throat open up.

Tongue Strengthening Exercises

1. Exercise 1: Resolutely press your tongue against the roof of your mouth. While doing this, allow your lips to open slightly . Now making a clucking sound or a “tsking” sound. Begin gently, but you should be able to try this faster over the course of time, with some practice.

2. Exercise 2: Press the tongue against the roof of your mouth again. But this time, open your mouth wide and give a gigantic grin. If it helps to look in the mirror while doing this or any other workouts above, please do so. While keeping your mouth open in this smiling position, make some sucking, slurping, and swallowing sounds. Whenever you do this, concentrate on your air passages. You need to feel them opening up.

Each of these stop-snoring exercises will help you sort out your snoring problem once and for all.

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