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Cancer de colon

There are so many things you should know about colon cancer even if you have developed the disease or you just want to be informed about it. Here are some of the most important information regarding colon cancer that can help you understand how the disease is formed, how can it be cured and which are the main elements you should avoid in order to prevent the cancer from occurring.

Colon cancer is formed when abnormal cells start dividing in an abnormal way. This means that first a doctor is going to find some polyps that are not yet colon cancer, but they carry the possibility to be transformed in cancer and in most cases they are going to become cancerous. These polyps development can be determined by many factors. Doctors have established that the patients’ family history regarding colon cancer can be one of the causes, meaning that colon cancer is a disease that can be inherited.

This risk factor can not be avoided by the patient action, but you have to know exactly if there is someone in your family who has ever had colon cancer and if there is you should have constant medical check in order to discover the tumor right after forming.

Colon cancer can be easily cured in the first stages. Maybe you have read this sentence on other pages and you do not understand why. Well, if the cancerous tumors are still located in an exact position, they can be removed through surgical interventions.

This way the threat of cancer is eliminated, but this does not mean that the patient is completely cured. Colon cancer can reoccur after a certain period of time and develop secondary tumors. Most recurrences are formed in the first two years after the original treatment.

So, in the first stages colon cancer treatment usually regards surgery. Surgery can be performed when the cancer is still located in an exact position in the colon area. But, when the cancer grows and spreads, the tumors can not be simply removed. In such situations doctors recommend chemotherapy. Chemotherapy means the administration of drugs in different combinations and doses established by your oncologist. Chemotherapy can determine the cancer tumors withdraw and they can make the cancer stop growing.

After this surgeries can be made and all threats removed. However, chemotherapy can also be used as adjuvant treatment for surgical interventions. If the treatment is going to work or not in a certain colon cancer case, no one can tell you for sure because the individuals’ reactions to the medicines can be very different. Anyway, some people manage to win the fight against colon cancer and they are still alive five years later after their first diagnosis.

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