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What is the 17 day diet?

If you want to know exactly what to do, you will find the 17 Day Diet.  This diet has been burning through the Internet from the time the beginning of the New Year when its creator, Dr. Mike Moreno, was “seen on television” on Dr. Phil and The Doctors. It jacket claims the diet program is “an easy plan that targets both stomach fat and visceral fat and produces fast results that last.” ‘Tummy fat’ and ‘fast’, the magic words. Dr. Mike knows the right thing to mention.

The 17 Day Diet program

Days 1 – 17 are to “Accelerate” on a low carbohydrate diet to provide around 1200 calories.  Eat unlimited lean meat and no-starch vegetables, two fat-free plain yogurts and 2 low-sugar fruits, a bit of oil, green tea herb, and 64 ounces of water every day.  Typical for just about any low carbohydrate diet, fat-burning and fluid loss is favored during those times.

Days 18 – 34 are to “Activate” by calorie cycling (aka calorie shifting or calorie zigzagging), so that the day to day consumption cycles and recycles from low to high during the period of several days.  The goal is to trick one’s metabolism to avoid it from slowing down.  Two servings of cereals are put into the above mentioned to boost the normal calorie intake to 1500 every day.

Days 35 – 51 are to “Achieve” good ways of eating that work for a lifetime.  This phase is equivalent to “Activate” with the exception that lean meat is not unlimited plus much more grains and fruit are added, together with an optional serving of alcohol and a 100-calorie snack.  Put simply, the lower carb diet is ‘Out’ as well as a balanced low-calorie diet is ‘In’ sans the processed food.

Day 52 and on are to “Arrive” with a lifelong diet plan, which is a constant cycling through phases 1, 2 and 3 – until the weekends when you are able splurge.  But don’t binge, says Dr. Mike, and when you will get over 5 pounds, return immediately to phase 2.

A Nutritional Critique

For many, the start phase is not enought in calories, as well as everyone, it truly is lacking in fiber.  But a decreased carb vs. low-fat weight loss program is simply a case of choice because studies have shown they both work when the calories are low.  Dr. Mike says the diet just isn’t for type 1 diabetics, and teens, pregnant and lactating women, and sick people I may add.  In fact it is prudent to look at a multivitamin-mineral supplement through the first couple of phases.

And since i have was quoted on Shine from Yahoo, I’ll share some tips i said regarding the rest.

Regarding calorie cycling:

“There is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up the efficacy of calorie cycling or its influence on metabolism,” says Mary Hartley, RD, MPH, the director of nutrition at Calorie Count. “There is no harm in calorie cycling temporarily or indefinitely and the process happens naturally for most people, who do not eat or burn identical quantity of calories every single day. But I’m not really in favor of working on any procedure that goes clear of attending for the lifestyle changes you need to make and exercise for permanent weight control.”

Regarding ‘tricking’ your metabolism:

“Some specific foods and beverages are said to further improve metabolism in scientific tests.  These are hot cayenne (capsaicin), grapefruit, green tea herb, coffee along with caffeinated foods, as well as water.  But remember the elevated metabolism these foods provide is just too big small to really be meaningful,” Hartley says inside article “How You Can Moderate your Metabolism” at DietsInReview.com.

Regarding splurging for fun on saturday:

“Bad idea,” says Hartley. “Wild weekends can turnaround for the progress you are making during the week. Ultimately, you’ll feel like you’re working hard but is not getting anywhere. For example, when you launched a 3500 calorie deficit by dieting and exercising Monday through Friday, you can easily undo it by consuming meals 1750 extra calories for just two days. Also, observe that successful dieters change their mindsets so they want to eat healthy more often than not.”

A Psychological Diversion?

Some people enjoy using a ‘diet’ for awhile.  Such as a trip to a spa, it could feel energizing and will renew a commitment to eating clean.  And that can argue with clean eating: a great deal of water, no processed foods, no sugar, solid fats, or booze?  Dr. Mike has diet and recipes plus a 17-minute exercise CD all for $29.00 – and in many cases home delivered meals for one more fee.

Even so the 17 Day Diet doesn’t touch the morning-to-day behavioral issues tantamount to effective change.  It will be an interesting diversion for anyone with only 5 pounds to forfeit, however when more loss is necessary, the diversion could keep you finding out an insurance policy operates during a very long time available for you.

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What is the 17 day diet?

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