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Macrobiotic diets and colon cancer

Diet, healthy food, an equilibrated life style, every day exercise, these things are always recommended by doctors no matter for which disease, they are always the best way to prevent illness for developing. And in cancer case, diet can also have an important role. Many researchers have tried to establish the effects some foods have on your bodies, and some of them discovered that some foods are better for your heath than other, that some aliments can actually prevent diseases for occurring, while others cause illness.

For colon cancer also many diets were set with the purpose to prevent the disease or help treatment work. And in some cases they were proven to work. So, improper diet increases the risk of cancer, while a proper, well balanced diet reduces the cancer risk. And in colon cancer case, diet can play an increased part.

Macrobiotic diet is a possible alternative cure for many types of cancer according to some of the researchers. Although it was not proved that this diet can actually cure cancer, in many cases the effects on patients were so benefic, that a macrobiotic diet will possibly become a viable option for dealing with untreatable forms of colon cancer.

The macrobiotic diet was invented in the 1930s by a Japanese researcher who tried to combine many believed and researches with the purpose to find an approach to cure different types of disease that until then had no cure. Today many people use the macrobiotic diet for colon cancer prevention and also to cure cancers. The diet main principle is based on the consumption of vegetarian foods, high in fiber and fat low. The most recommended foods are whole grains, beans, whitefish, potatoes, spinach, seeds, nuts, zucchini, pickles, avocados and tomatoes. You have to avoid as much as possible coffee, processed food and red meat, sugar, fatty foods or eggs.

In the macrobiotic diet for colon cancer rules respect you have to eat only natural products. For example, the fruits and vegetable you should consume every day must be grown locally. So, as we can see this diet is based of a low fat, rich vitamins and natural foods, and diets that are rich in fruits and vegetables have been consistently shown to have anti-cancer properties, being able to reduce the cancer risk with about 40 percent.

Even if it is believed that a proper diet can cure colon cancer, this fact has not been proved until today. Of course an adequate diet for every stage and very colon cancer patient can help treatment work and can increase the chances of curing the disease, but unfortunately it can not make to much difference for those that have an untreatable cancer colon cancer phase.

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