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Great benefits of almond oil

Beauticians or skin disease specialists will usually prescribe an expensive medicine such as a cream or lotion to treat itchy, scaly skin, or scalp problems. However, a bottle of almond oil could be the solution of all those problems mentioned above.

Almond oil has been used since the days of Ancient China, traditional medicine from India, also  Greco-Persian school medicine. This material is used to treat dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Modern science also seems to have seen the benefits.

Dermatologist Dr. Mervyn Patterson, , “Almond oil contains ursolic acid and oleic acid derived from plant compounds. It is efficacious to relieve inflammation or infection and keep skin optimally,” said dermatologist Dr. Mervyn Patterson, according to the Daily Mail.

Almond oil to help restore skin condition when it starts to get damaged. This is usually caused by use of materials that are too harsh on the skin. Eventually the skin becomes dry like having psoriasis, which is a condition when the skin cell replacement is higher than normal and the production of sebum (oil) is not balanced.

In Indian culture, almond oil is useful for painkillers. In fact, according to a recent report from the ‘Complementary Health in Clinical Practices’ journal, the oil has a content that is useful to eliminate infection, keeping the body immune, and treat liver disease.

Then some links states that if taken in a certain way and under the guidance of a practitioner, almond oil is useful to improve bowel function and reduce irritable bowel syndrome.

A division in the ‘U.S. National Library of Medicine’ recommend it as a mild laxative. They suggest about 30 ml, whether it is taken directly or mixed with other liquids.

Other studies show that almond oil is beneficial to increase the production of good cholesterol in the body.

Dr. Patterson added, “There is no harm in trying almond oil. It has no adverse effects to health, unless you have an allergy to nuts.”

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