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Breast pathology

The Creator gave women such as a very sacred and wonderful, just create charm, beautiful, just have a Maternity. However, in addition, a number of diseases in the mammary glands also left much fear, even an obsession for many women today. For peace of mind with double pride from his breast, women should know the methods to help detect abnormalities in order to timely treatment.

Method of breast self-examination

Breast self-examination is the simplest method, which all women must know their own self-examination. Start entering the age of 20, should check their breasts from the 8th day of menstrual cycle or after cleaning business with the pace of once a month. When self-examination regularly will know the status of each breast should be easy to distinguish what is normal is abnormal. With these simple steps and easy to do by standing before the mirror, looking at breast changes: in the ceiling, give up arms hips, breasts and then observed the position change: from the first two arms raised and the last two hands against the hips. In each position by turning, turning slowly back and observe both breasts to see nothing changes size and shape of the breasts, observed changes in breast skin, see your nipples have been dragged or fall into difference press lightly and do not see or bloody nipple discharge fluid in the nipple do not. Find the changes in the lying position: on back, folded towel or cushion under the right shoulder, right hand under head, right breast examinations using the left hand, fingers bunched by again using the finger straight day find tumors or circular thick plate. Start your armpit find touching the sunken glands and tumors, then touching the outside of the breast from the coast, touching the breast around the smaller circle lines, ultimately to find the nipple area after a local u. When the left breast, then reversed its position again.

Methods of breast examination by ultrasound

Online breast ultrasound and ultrasound in particular the general media in general is currently used and widely popular in our country. This is a technique using sound waves with high frequencies into the body and then recorded and analyzed on the opposite waves to create images in the ultrasound machine screen. Ultrasound examination is a means of mammary safe, fast and simple, is non-invasive procedure in the mammary gland, painless, inexpensive, non-toxic so it can be done for all subjects, all age from the elderly to a new born baby. Online breast ultrasound may be done at any time of the menstrual cycle, including pregnancy or breastfeeding. Online breast ultrasound evaluation was normal or pathological findings of the breast is much like cystic fibrosis mammary gland, breast tumors benign or evil, mastitis, breast abces … However, ultrasound is felt recognize the subjective nature of the ultrasound physicians, so the results depend on the quality of the machine and experience of physicians.

Cytological diagnosis of breast disease online

A method of metal scrapers among small cells, with Fine Needle Aspiration scientific name, abbreviated FNA. This method has the advantage that simple, relatively accurate, rapid implementation, low cost, safety, the result will be right in the first examination time, bring more convenience for both patients and doctors drugs. This method is often the only doctor in the case of breast tumors in touch or see through ultrasound. Diagnosis method to distinguish between benign and melanoma, doctors and patients to decide the most appropriate treatment and timely post. Regarding complications, most complications are not anything special, may be small areas needle bruises and lost after a few days.

Mammary glands taken X-ray method

X-ray breast called mammograms, X-ray method is used to capture low frequencies, but it has certain effects, is only used when a doctor’s appointment. This is a good way to help detect breast cancer at a very early stage. This method is usually appointed appropriate persons such as big, fat, so popular in Western women. When taking proper technique on each breast is pressed flat, causing pain so the majority of women do not like to do with this method. In order to limit the pain, doctors usually only taken when the menstruation after 70-10 days. At this point, no mammary glands at the time of going to stretch as menstruation, should be pressed before the shooting technique is easier, less painful than, for image clarity and more accurate diagnosis. Because the method is to use X-ray pregnant women should take only when absolutely necessary because only the X-ray effects on the fetus, and also avoid the abuse of regular nature.

Breast pathology

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