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8 Daily mental workouts to exercise your brain

Practice your memory to boost other brain functionalities. The brain is a super computer capable of incredible memory if you can train it properly. A better memory can help your career, allow you more access to information at the click of a thought. As you have lunch today, practice memorizing items on the menu or try introducing yourself to new people and see if you can remember the personal facts. Have fun.

Practicing Math comes in handy during tax season and is a proven way to keep your brain stimulated. Being confident in basic math principles will increase your chances of a stronger financial future. Try not to outsource your personal finance on your road to financial prosperity to someone else, remember Madoff, the SEC experts failed to catch him. It behooves you to understand the formula behind your credit card and mortgage payments and your investment vehicles. Understanding the basis behind time value of money is useful.

In this ever expanding universe, new research on brain study provides more and more insight into how we can affect how our brain works, we can remain the same or we can sometime shift gears. The brain is a flexible jelly-like substance that loves to soak up new information like a sponge. So practice testing out its full elasticity, pretend to take the opposite side on a controversial topic. As if driving the car on the beautiful journey that is life, consider why you think the way you do on a topic, then probe forward even more, then stick the car in neutral, consider the middle ground and then put the car in full reverse. Seek to find a reason why the opposite side thinks that way, of course you can grab back the wheels and stay the course, either way you would be the wiser for it.

Since our brain has such a huge workload, it’s important it to exercise it daily. That exercise can also be in the shape of total relaxation. When you can tear yourself away from the world for 15 mins, find a comfortable seating position, close your eyes and focus all your energy on taking deep breaths. As you pull the air through your nostrils, concentrate intently and feel the air is cold coming in and leaves hot. Make use of all your senses, visualize the cold air you are breathing in will bring you new connections, new ideas, new solutions. Then calmly breathe out the hot air that represents all your worries and anxieties. Then just allow your mind to be at total peace. It’s earned a much deserved rest.

Healthy brain cells need stimulation, they need to be cognitively challenged. Increased blood flow is stimulated in the specific areas involved in cognitive exertion. One must feed these healthy brain cells so they can perform at their best, more stimulation equals more blood flow which transports those vital nutrients we need as well as oxygen throughout the body. So consider some task, some work function perhaps that you have been doing the same way for a long time with no variation. Read some updated relevant information, read another industry report, try and absorb some new knowledge as it pertains to that function only. You have to do the task all the time anyway, it makes sense to seek new ways. Allow your brain to re-stimulate from its earlier zeal when you first started the specific function, get the blood flowing.

Yoga is great for the mind. It will make you feel totally rejuvenated and relaxed, a healthy mind in a healthy body. Yoga will keep the stress away in an ever increasing world of pressure and deadlines. The key is learning to gain greater control of your breathing meaning improved circulation in your whole body. Anybody can do it, over-weight or in great shape, it can benefit all. Yoga brings excellent physical and mental benefits. Practice at home or find a local yoga studio and make some new friends.

Learning a new language would be a challenging mental workout. Recent studies have negated prior conventional wisdom that the brain has to deteriorate and lose connections permanently as we age. You can build new connections and stimulate neurons into instant action by challenging your brain to process a new language. Language is like music to the brain, it stretches the elastic mind.

Playing high level cognitive games like Chess and Checkers challenge the brain’s highest functionalities. Sudoku will push your numeral logic neurons, Mastermind and Connect Four are wonderful options too. A difficult crossword puzzle may do the trick too, there are a multitude of specific brain games both online and offline. Have fun exploring the highest levels of your brain power.

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