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Happiness and depression

Eleven years ago, Helen McNallen (South Yorkshire, England) fell into severe depression to the extent of his income, no ties to anyone. But now, she believes that the stage has created a major turning point in his life.

Helen was struggling with the stress at work as a successful entrepreneur for many years before the collapse and to the Institute of Mental Health follow-up.

“I was not happy with his job but continues. I dare not think about quitting because it was considered a failure. I became withdrawn and did not want contact with anyone. I lay in bed and scarcely feel want to die. I was depressed for 2 years and decided to death by the fall. But by taking more sedatives so I had fainted when up to the roof. I woke up in hospital and end thoughts of suicide after 3 months of treatment. “

Later, Helen continued to be treated by a variety of antidepressants, talk with psychologists and even had to use electric shock therapy …. More than five years later, Hellen escape from depression status and regain a healthy lifestyle with a reasonable diet, exercise and always smiling. This is also the advice of former business people on the website called “Depression can also be fun!” By founding her own. The name sounds jokes but really very helpful to those with similar circumstances.

Helen website named so because she believed that the spiritual crisis due to work pressure in a long time has changed her life, making her life better.

“I am happy that I was depressed,” Helen expressed. “At some point, I think I will be working in London all my holidays, even when I’m stressed and unhappy, but now, I feel so lucky to spend time her to help others. It was a turning point in my life. “

Helen believed that her depression through stronger, she is not afraid to help when you really need to seek help and more attention to quality of life rather than material wealth.

“Once I realized there was a reason I have been feeling good, I know I will have to do to have that feeling,” Helen said.

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